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Depending on your preferences, your lifestyle and your financial situation, you, like most people have spending habits that are unique to yourself. You may be the type who splurges once a month, or the type who would spend thousands just sprucing up your car. Still you could be the kind of shopper who only shops (or feels comfortable shopping) at certain retail establishments. Whatever kind of shopper you are, wouldn't it be nice if you could get something back from your expenses? Well, would you believe that it is possible? Some credit card companies have programs wherein they forge tie ups with selected retail establishments. If you're one of the frequent shoppers of these retail stores, you can earn rebates or rewards points for every purchase you make at these stores. Provided, of course, you hold the appropriate credit card.

There are several establishments that work together with credit card companies, but the most popular ones affiliated with card companies include Toys R Us (which is ideal for new parents or those who have remained a child at heart), Borders (perfect for bookworms or those who devour books), Disney (for those whose hearts were captured at the Magic Kingdom), and Universal (a heaven-sent for movie buffs and aspiring film critics).

What's good about these cards is that you don't need to use these exclusively at these establishments in order to earn rewards points. You can use these anywhere and still be granted points which you can save and redeem at a later date. Naturally, the points given for purchases made outside the affiliated stores are slightly lower than the ones they would give if you shopped at the specific store itself, but this doesn't really matter much. What's important is that wherever you are, you get something back.

In addition to the attractive rewards program, these credit cards offer the card holder, especially the new ones, other benefits which may include (but may not be limited to) 0% interest on Balance Transfers, waived annual fees, free tickets to selected movies / opening nights, special discounts, free vouchers or gift certificates upon signing up and other tempting treats that have been designed to give you more value for your money.

Credit cards that give retail rewards are valuable commodities, provided of course, these are used wisely, especially in these hard times. Not only do you get to shop at your favorite establishment, every dollar you spend translates to a reward point or bonus which you can redeem at a later date. Through this service, shopping becomes more enjoyable, and paying your bills becomes less of a chore as well.

If you are interested to sign up for a credit card that provides retail rewards, get leaflets or flyers from local banks or search the internet. Check which retail establishments have made tie-ups with card companies and determine which of these would best suit your lifestyle.

Earn Rewards from Your Favorite Store

Earn Rewards from Your Favorite Store