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These days it pays to make every penny count. One way you can do that is by using a credit card that earns airline miles. Many companies offer such cards. Some are related directly to airlines and some are products of credit cards companies alone. Examples of airline-affiliate credit cards include the God and the Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards from American Express. The Delta Reserve Card and the JetBlue Card are also from American Express. Cards that are not allied with any one particular airline include the World Perks Visa Platinum Card, the World Perks Visa Signature Card and the Miles card from Discover.

Each credit card with airline miles differ greatly depending on the card issuer and the airline affiliated with the card, if any. As with all credit cards, it pays to do your research and shop around to get on board the program that best fits your needs. Make sure the fees, if any are low, make sure the rewards that you earn (generally miles toward free or discounted tickets) are redeemable with (at most) minor restrictions on the dates, make sure there are no blackout periods in which you can use the rewards points that you have built up.

In addition, many cards with airline miles offer some type of sign-up bonus. Make sure you can really use the bonus they offer. Consider this: are you already a member of an airline reward program? If so, will your new card and its bonus program allow you to add to the rewards you have already accumulated, or will this be a new account of bonus points?

Lots of people don't care so much about free trips as they do about upgrades. Look into any program that you are considering to make sure that you are working toward the benefit that you want. A free cross-country ticket may not be so great if what you are really interested in is a first-class upgrade on a ticket you have already bought.

Finally, make sure that any plan that you join lets you accumulate points or miles without restriction on the time in which they have to be used. There is nothing worse than accumulating a lot of points and then having them expire because you did not have the opportunity to use them

There are so many programs out there that you should not settle for one that it not absolutely what you are looking for. So take your time, investigate a little and make sure that you get the credit card with airline miles that you want and need.

Credit Cards With Airline Miles

Credit Cards With Airline Miles