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Did you know that you can earn money simply for using your credit cards? That's right! With credit card rewards programs, you can earn all sorts of incentives for spending money on your cards, including money back, merchandise, and even free vacations. Of course, you will still need to use your credit cards wisely, but who wouldn't want to earn some rewards for the money they are already spending?

Charge cards and rewards programs come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you love Disney World and Disney products, you can find a rewards card that helps you earn "Disney Dollars," which work like gift certificates in any Disney store, park, or hotel. NASCAR fans can also use their special NASCAR rewards charge cards to earn points called "RacePoints." These points can be exchanged for NASCAR merchandise, race tickets, and even the chance to be "crew chief" for a day at the races.

Other credit cards offer perks that users can benefit from even without earning points or spending a lot of money. For instance, American Express users can purchase tickets to American Express sponsored games, concerts, and shows before they hit the open market. The IN: NYC credit card allows New York residents to get the first place in line at popular nightclubs, without spending a cent.

Of course, traditional and more general credit card rewards programs still exist. Today, users can use a cash rebate card to earn cash with every purchase they make. Most of the time the cash is rewarded as a percentage of each purchase made on the card, often around 1%. The cash accumulates over the year, and the user can cash in their accumulated points for a rebate on their total balance or gift cards to their favorite stores at the end of the year.

Are you tired of the high price of gas? If so, then consider applying for a gas rebate card. A gas rebate card allows you to earn extra rebate points every time you buy gas. These rebate points can then be turned into cash against your balance or a gift certificate for your favorite gas station chain. Of course, you can combine a gas rebate and a cash rebate card. Consider looking for a card that allows you to earn cash back on all purchases, but double cash back on your gas purchases.

Other charge cards forgo the cash rebate incentives in favor of providing their customers with the opportunity to earn points that can be turned in for merchandise and gift cards. Sometimes the gift cards are doubled when they are for participating retailers and restaurants. Again, points are earned for every purchase made on the card.

Do you love to travel? If so, consider applying for a travel credit card. These credit cards allow you to earn points or miles for your purchases that can be redeemed for travel rewards, such as free airline tickets, hotel stays, or car rentals.

Believe it or not, there are credit cards out there that help you earn points or money towards the purchase of a new car. These work like gas and cash rebate cards, but the difference is that the rebate can only be used in purchasing, or sometimes leasing, a vehicle. Imagine using your credit card to help you pay for the down payment on your next car!

No matter what your favorite activities or hobbies are, there is a credit card with a rewards program that will fit your needs. Today, credit cards, when used wisely, can actually pay you! So the next time you are shopping for a new credit card, make sure to consider the rewards program attached to it before applying!

Credit Cards For Novices

Credit Cards For Novices