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Business Credit Cards: These cards are naturally for businesses. They have high limits and many perks that only those in the business world would really be interested in earning. Business cards normally require good credit standing due to the high credit limit you will receive. Again, American Express is the leader in business credit card offers.

Gas Credit Cards: These cards offer what we all need! Gas rewards! You can earn up to 5% cash back on all gas purchases. Gas credit cards include the shell gas card from Citi and the Chase Cash Plus Reward Visa.

Hotel Reward Credit Cards: These cards allow you to accumulate hotel rewards or “points” you can then redeem the points for free nights at the hotels of your choice. We currently offer hotel cards for the Hilton hotels.

Student Credit Cards: Are you a student? need to establish some credit of your own? Well these are the perfect fit for you. Student cards by CitiBank and Chase offer rewards and credit building to all students.

Reward Credit Cards: Last but not least are the reward credit cards. These just offer air miles, cash back, reward points, etc. These cards are for those looking to earn rewards for the charges made on your credit cards each day! Reward yourself with a reward credit card.

Business, Gas, Hotel Rewards, Student, and Reward Credit Cards are all credit cards you can obtain. Each one has their own specifics and you should look up what they offer now.

Credit Card Types Offers

Credit Card Types Offers