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credit card rewards for paying bills

Best reward cards for paying monthly bills -

Can pay with credit card, but no rewards bonus. A lot of your utility bills and other monthly bills fall into this category, such as water, gas and electricity. When you pay those bills with a credit card, you might be assessed a convenience fee of a few dollars for the privilege of using card, so decide if that is still worth it for you. (I ...

9 Best Credit Cards for Paying Bills & Utilities (2019)

With the Voice Credit Card® from Huntington, you can earn 3X points per $1 spent paying your bills by selecting “Utilities & Office Supply Stores” as your bonus rewards category. Points are worth 1¢ apiece, giving you an effective 3% back on utilities.

How to Use Your Credit Card to Pay Bills for Rewards | Ally

Rewards aside, paying bills with your credit card is also convenient. You can pay online or using your phone, so you don’t have to write checks (or pay for the postage to mail them). Be sure to read the fine print, some vendors charge fees for certain transitions.

Paying Bills With Rewards Credit Cards - Is It A Good Idea?

When you shouldn’t pay bills with a rewards card. As valuable as it can be to use a rewards card to pay your bills, there are times when it’s just not a good idea. For example, credit card rewards are only worth it when you can avoid all interest charges by paying your balance in full, every month.

Using a Credit Card to Pay Monthly Bills

Paying bills with your credit card to earn rewards or to better manage your finances makes sense as long as you follow one simple rule: Always pay your balance in full each month. If you’re paying bills with your credit card because you can’t afford to pay them with money from your checking account, that’s a sign of a bigger financial problem that can get worse if you let it become a habit.