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The moment transactions moved from paper to plastic payment was a huge event in history. For the first time, data could be processed with the simple swipe of a card or entry of account numbers faster than traditional checks and cash payments. Companies everywhere today are experiencing the advantages that come with this merchant service, like improved customer service and PCI compliance.

A Better Customer Experience

Superior credit card processing services can translate into a more positive customer experience overall in several ways. First of all, accepting a wide range of payments will show your dependability as a company to your customers. You should take not only all of the major credit cards as payment, but debit cards as well. Another point to consider is that using proper equipment will help reduce the amount of time shoppers spend waiting in line, as well as decrease the number of mistakes made. Getting customers in and out of the door faster will give your employees the chance to devote more time to customer assistance and produce a more positive work environment, because no one appreciates quick service like the men and women of today who are constantly on the go.

Online shoppers receive some of the most convenient service around. With the freedom to buy whenever they so desire and from nearly any location, online customers are able to learn about and pay for the goods or services your company has to offer in a matter of minutes. Emails, frequently asked question pages and instant chat capabilities allow shoppers to get help with their order in a multitude of ways.

Who doesn’t love getting rewards and free discounts? A loyalty program is yet another merchant service that will impress existing customers and help retain new ones. From coupons and per-transaction discounts to mail and email notices of sales, a loyalty plan will give your customers good reason to return. As an added bonus, you’ll gain customer purchase data and other valuable information that can affect future marketing strategies. Set your business apart from the competition with an effective loyalty program that will make customers sit up and take notice.

Observance of the Industry Standard

Maintaining a credit card processing system that’s up to date is crucial for ensuring that your business is PCI compliant. Stop security breaches before they happen by using merchant services that ward off the risks of fraud and identity theft. Regular duties to perform include quarterly scans of system operations, evaluations of routine procedures and self assessments to make sure that your establishment is on track. Ignoring the Payment Card Industry standard can have dire consequences, from losing your clients’ respect to paying Card Association fines and damaging your reputation.

A merchant service plan that centers on PCI compliance includes many benefits, from increased data protection to state of the art equipment that shields credit card numbers from wandering eyes. New equipment should be in line with PIN encryption guidelines, while online transactions need to be watched over by fraud detection instruments. No matter which industry you belong to, you must employ a credit card processing system that strictly adheres to PCI compliance for the benefit of your customers and your company alike.

The Latest Technology

Effective credit card processing can only take place with the appropriate tools. Online orders will prosper with an excellent e-commerce solution, like a reputable online gateway. A good gateway platform can support trading, e-commerce and portal web sites, while integration methods make it easy to get connected with custom software. With encryption and security procedures, your customers’ data will be safe from harm so that they can purchase with confidence. You’ll love the tech support available to merchants, with phone and internet chat options that you can turn to with any questions or problems that arise. Do your part in selecting a phenomenal online payment system, and the rest will practically take care of itself.

Online transactions are great, but don’t overlook the importance of in-store equipment. Offering lightning speed and dependability, the First Data FD100 Credit Card Terminal is a workhorse for many modern businesses. From the IP platform to the three-track magnetic strip reader and slender design, this terminal is a godsend for retailers, restaurants and other industries. The thermal printer can whip out 15 lines per second – and in many stores, every second counts! A touch-screen LCD display, user-friendly PIN pad, 64 MB of memory, and a whopping five USB ports all go a long way in processing credit and debit cards as quickly and accurately as possible. Splurge on nice processing equipment that your business can rely on, and you’ll enjoy the benefits day after day. Stay current on the newest developments in credit card processing, and your company will flourish.

Credit Card Processing and Its Effects on Your Business

Credit Card Processing and Its Effects on Your Business