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The average credit card debt on American household is rising every year. The credit card debt statistics showed that in the year 2002 average credit card
debt, on an American family having at least one credit card was roughly around
$ 9000. No doubt, this problem is gaining epidemic proportion and threatens to
rip off the economic and social fabric of the American society. The efforts to
eliminate credit card debt can get a big boost if you follow a systematic
approach. With the 3 easy steps listed below you can easily get out of credit
card debt. Though, not easy in the beginning, this strategy will help you pay
off credit card debt if you are willing to work for it.

1. You will
eliminate credit card debt– Make it a resolution

Put it everywhere, in writing. It could be your study, kitchen, toilets, your
desktop wallpaper etc. The idea is to reinforce this thing, once you see it
everywhere, your natural faculties will automatically work towards achieving it.
If you are alone, who is suffering from this credit card debt then it's
ok, otherwise if you wish to slash the credit card debt collectively, everyone
should agree to the task.

2.Reduce the number of credit cards, consolidate

Sit together, and think which credit cards you require, keep them, get rid of
the rest. Ideally you should be having one, but diversity of activities in life
demand more types of credit cards, so it should be a tradeoff between the
requirements and the credit cards you have. If you have credit card debt from
multiple cards, go for a credit card debt consolidation. The idea is to pay off
credit card debt faster and in a more manageable way. Don't relax and be
sluggish with your credit card debt repayments.

3. Make sure that you spend less than what you earn

This is most important. If you are not able to live within your means you
will be in debt- in one way or another. Budget out your finances and get rid of
wasteful expenditure. Make weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Don't
complicate things while budgeting. It is easy to get carried away while doing
this exercise and if you are planning in group make sure to take care of the
sensitivities of your partners. The idea is not to create conflicts, but to
synergize and work towards becoming credit card debt free.

Adhering to these simple steps might look easy, but it requires a good deal
of honesty and sincerity. The rewards of following these three steps will show
in your credit report and financial prosperity.

Credit Card Debt Elimination In 3 Easy Steps

Credit Card Debt Elimination In 3 Easy Steps