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credit card benefits going away

Discover is eliminating these 5 credit card benefits in ...

5 Discover credit card benefits going away in 2018. RELATED: 4 credit card traps to avoid in 2018. has confirmed that effective February 28, the following cardmember benefits are going away: Extended Product Warranty; Return Guarantee; Purchase Protection; Auto Rental Insurance; Flight Accident Insurance

Discover is eliminating another credit card benefit in ...

Discover is eliminating another credit card benefit in 2018. The credit card issuer has announced on its official website that the price protection benefit will no longer be offered as of October 31, 2018. Purchases made prior to that date will still be eligible. Price protection refunds the difference up to $500 on eligible items if cardholders find a lower price within 90 days of purchase.

Are Your Credit Card Points Going Away? - Forbes

Credit card rewards and bonuses are likely to increase over the next couple of years. There are rumors of a new Chase credit card releasing at the end of the month with a bonus valued at $1,500.

Citi Removes Most Benefits from Most - If Not All - Cards

Due to sustained low usage, we will no longer offer select credit card benefits such as Citi Price Rewind and Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection as of September 22, 2019 so that we can continue providing key benefits our customers use and value most at no additional cost.

Credit card benefits and perks (squeeze more out of your ...

Credit cards can get you benefits like: Traveling around the world like a VIP; Getting a 2% discount on every purchase for life; A concierge service that performs miracles; Don’t let you credit card benefits go to waste, now how to make the most of them. 4 hidden credit card benefits and perks; Traveling the world like a VIP for free (almost)