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In all my years online, I've been averse to multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. Don't get me wrong. MLM is a great direct sales model that gives people a real alternative to the mind-numbing "9-to-5" lifestyle most of us were taught to follow as youngsters. It just wasn't for me. Come to think of it, even the once reliable JOB seems to be going the way of the Dodo bird, but I digress …

Unfortunately, every time a friend or acquaintance mentioned a network marketing opportunity to me, I'd break out in hives! No, not really, but I kept getting visions of failed cold calls, "motivational" meetings, and groveling before friends and family.

Not to mention box upon box of lotions and potions in my garage!

So, why am I so excited about Numis Network , a company that's less than a year old? Well, there are the usual reasons any network marketer may give you, such as:

  • Great products, ie graded silver and gold numismatic coins competitively priced for the retail market.
  • A compensation plan that rewards your efforts both immediately (bonuses) and throughout your business life (residuals).

But what impressed me most was Numis' systems approach for promoting and expanding their business. By offering a complete suite of automated sales tools, even novice computer users (and coin collectors, for that matter) can be up to speed within days to produce great results.

Two of Numis' founders, Ian Cordell and Christopher Kent, have an extensive sales software and technology background, so you can be sure that their Executive Success System is state of the art. Not the raggedy, creaky software you might find in other companies.

As a devoted Internet Marketer, all I can say is, "Now you're talking!"

What does the Numis' Executive Success System offer me?

Every Numis Network executive gets:

  • A personalized website with business overview videos to present the Numis opportunity, representative enrollment, credit card processing and shopping cart.
  • An automated Back Office Business Center.
  • The website, a specialized, dedicated site designed to market your coins to customers exclusively.
  • A series of "Coins Are Cool" numismatic educational videos.
  • Your own website, a powerful online lead capture site designed to help you recruit new representatives.
  • These sites are all integrated with the Numis Business Building System , a comprehensive contact management system built with multiple, professionally written email marketing campaigns.

Unlike traditional MLM consumables, graded gold and silver coins are permanent assets with real value. They are collectable items that you can pass on to future generations. Now, for the first time, you can combine coin collection and direct marketing savvy to build a real business.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know all about the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing global financial meltdown. People are understandable nervous about paper assets, and are looking for other ways to secure their family's future. As a Numis Executive, you have a great opportunity to present a realistic solution to their financial concerns.

Yeah, but can this System really make Sales for me?

Numis Network knows that duplication is the key to direct sales success, and provides you and your team with professional, business overview video presentations and sales videos.

Spearheading your sales effort will be none other than Mike Mezack, the world's greatest numismatic salesman. With over twenty years of television experience, chances are that you've seen Mike on Home Shopping Network's 'Coin Collector' or various other coin collecting infomercials. Mike has sold over a billion dollars worth of coins in his career; Now, he'll be putting his skills and reputation on the line for you!

It's all in the system …

Oh, one more thing. Numis does offer an autoship program – the Silver Coin of the Month Club – that gives you an your downline the option of collecting one (1) perfectly graded, certified silver coin every month.

Just imagine, if you had been collecting silver coins for the past five years, would you be better off today? At least numismatics is a far cry from distributing juices, vitamin supplements, and perfume out of my basement!

The Verdict is In …

Of course, any skepticism about businesses like Numis Network is perfectly justified. As with any opportunity, please ask questions and perform your due diligence before investing any resources into such a venture.

These days, success is determined by the (internet) network marketing skills you bring to the table, ie:

  • Positioning yourself as the best entry point to a business.
  • Driving targeted traffic to your opt-in pages, generating leads, and sharing your excitement with prospects.
  • Enrolling new reps, and building winning relationships with your downline.
  • Demonstrating to others how to systematically duplicate your success.

Numismatic coins are great products, but without a strong team to get you started, you will be hard-pressed to earn significant income.

Crazy But True Numis Network Review – The 1 Reason Numis Network Stands Out Above Other MLM Programs

Crazy But True Numis Network Review - The 1 Reason Numis Network Stands Out Above Other MLM Programs