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While many people collect rewards miles they do not make it a point to expect them but will accept them when they are made available. They just view this as an added benefit to using their card for purchases and may get some small item at the end of the year with their rewards miles from the company catalog.

Some take the concept of rewards miles very seriously and often turn it into a second occupation which it nearly is when you think of it.

Rewards miles are not only available for airline purchases anymore but just about everything one can imagine. You can collect and earn rewards from using cash back credit cards when you buy groceries or pay your bills, and for the reward conscious consumer; these points can be received with nearly every purchase they make.

Some have even been dubbed, "super milers" and have taken the reward concept to new heights above and beyond what anyone ever expected. From clipping coupons, to staying only in participating hotels to making purchases only at reward giving retailers to using only reward earning credit cards and paying off the entire balance each period. These "super milers" are in a class to themselves.

Some "super milers" were caught recently making online purchases for some coins and then using those coins to pay off the balance on their rewards credit cards just to earn the extra miles.

Why do they bother doing all of this? Because these free miles pay off. These "super milers" can redeem their points for free flights to upgraded seats on airlines, to getting all sorts of items in the company catalogs, to even redeeming their points for free vacations and hotel stays and other great benefits benefits.

For some "super milers" these points are better than the cash value they have in their wallets because they do not lose their value no matter what the condition of the market is and they do not have to owe any fees on storing their point value.

Now that these points are used in nearly every single type of transaction outside the airline industry, many of these "super milers" will never use their points for a single airline related transaction.

Collecting Free Miles

Collecting Free Miles