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With Citibank being such a popular credit card issuer, many people are in demand for the new cards from this bank. In this article, we'll be discussing the various new cards offered by Citibank. APRs and rewards will be discussed so you can decide which Citibank credit cards are right for you.

CitiGold AAdvantage World MasterCard – Wow! This card sure is a mouthful. But just as long as its name is its list of perks. This card comes with a 15.49% APR and a $ 50 annual fee. It features frequent flier miles with one given out for every dollar spent on the card. In addition, you can use these miles on worldwide hotels, car rental companies, OR airlines. This is a fitting card for the traveler with its $ 0 liability policy. This means that if your card falls into the wrong hands, you are not liable for the charges!

Citi Platinum Select Card – This card features a 0% introductory APR for up to 12 months. After that, the rate turns to 9.74%. This rate is variable. There are no annual fees, and the Citibank credit cards $ 0 liability policy.

Citi Driver's Edge card – This card also has a 0% intro rate for up to 12 months. After that, the rate goes to a variable rate of 11.49%. This card offers rebates of up to 5% on purchases, which can be used towards leasing or purchasing a new vehicle!

This is a great card for someone trying to find the cash to balance a car and a rent payment.

Citibank Credit Cards Guide

Citibank Credit Cards Guide