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There are a lot of credit card choices out there, whether for business or personal use. Choosing a business credit card is an important decision because there are many factors and features to consider. You may not just want to take the credit card that your bank offers you when you open a business checking or savings account. These cards often don't have the benefits that other cards do. For instance, many cards will offer significant businesses rewards programs. Some of these are even better than the rewards offered on personal cards. Considering everything you use a business credit card for, a rewards card may offer significant savings to you.

There are also cash back programs for businesses. When you are just beginning your business, a cash back program may offer you that bit of extra cash to help with your day to day expenses.

Here is a list of some of the criteria you should consider when choosing the right card for your business.

  • Look for a low annual fee or no annual fee card
  • What is the ongoing interest rate?
  • Is there an introductory interest rate? If so, for what period of time?
  • Does the card offer rewards points or cash back rewards? If so, do they expire?
  • How can the rewards be redeemed? (travel, office purchases, gasoline, or for anything)
  • What is the credit limit being offered?
  • What is the grace period?
  • What other benefits does the card offer? (travel assistance, insurance, discounts on office supplies, etc.)

So, what is the big deal about which credit card you choose. Well, for one thing, a business credit card may well be the first way a new business establishes its credit rating. This can be a vital factor when working with vendors, suppliers, real estate contracts, automotive leases / purchases, etc. Another reason the decision is so important is the management of your business finances. As an example, if you obtain a card with a 14% annual percentage rate and charge $ 10,000 on the card you will need to pay $ 897.87 per month for 12 total payments of $ 10774.44 in order to pay off the card within one year. If you are able to make the same purchase with a 0% introductory rate card, you will pay you will pay $ 833.36 per month with a total savings of $ 774.44. That is a lot of money! Combine this savings with cash back or rewards and additional discounts offered through the credit card merchant and your savings can be quite significant.

Remember, do your research before you snatch the first credit card offer that comes along and you may realize significant savings and improved benefits in the long run.

Business Credit Cards – Choosing The Best Card For Your Business

Business Credit Cards - Choosing The Best Card For Your Business