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Here is how you can deploy an army of 1,000 affiliates to build critical mass and create an online dating site run by a real live humans.

There is a new breed of online dating sites using affiliates to market their services. These new websites use their natural selection market to build its membership for free. Features can be added to create the most generous and advanced matching features found anywhere on free sites. The best online dating sites should employ the availability to generate critical mass, maintaining its control by remaining free and mainly from referrals by affiliates with no credit card required and immediate access.

Affiliates should be acquired from Twitter followers, Facebook, blog followers, YouTube subscribers, and word of mouth. Real community-driven sites work better this way, rather than competing and paying with traditional advertising. Traditional advertising can drain a companies net profits. Deploying affiliates can develop organically acquired members who have used the services before and are more satisfied and happy.

Make sure you have built up a rather large data base from free eBooks you give out, free newsletters and free digital information before you begin. By creating several internal lead generating systems, this allows members certain rewards, such as premium upgrades for free when they refer others to the free site. Rewarding members when they take an action is the best way to build up an army of 1,000 affiliates.

Premium upgrade can be an affiliate area only where they might interact personally and share dating tips, love advice, and allow members to be rewarded with additional premium upgrades when they play the role of matchmaker and suggest matches from within the site. These incentives have shown to be quite useful. This type of behavior goes a long way with building an army of affiliates to help you market your site.

One method of rewarding affiliates that seems to be outstanding is each week is the site can announce special promotions at 40% off. Here is where announcements are made on all social media platforms and an event blast can be created on the dating site special page. The point being that a group of members can go to the affiliate hot spot to hang out and get a drink at no cost. One of the affiliates will check off names to maintain tight control of who attends these events and should someone show up not registered to the free site, the affiliate will have an iPhone or iPad for the new member to sign up on the spot.

In return for being an affiliate, they are rewarded with high visibility on the dating site and first dibs on an appropriate match. Again, rewarding those that take action is the best way to build up affiliates.

Building An Army of 1,000 Affiliates to Market Your Online Dating Site

Building An Army of 1,000 Affiliates to Market Your Online Dating Site