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Best Credit Card Rewards in NZ for %yea%

Credit Card Rewards Comparison - August, 2018. Air New Zealand Airpoints Low Fee Mastercard Earn 1 Airpoints Dollarâ„¢ for every: $160 spent on eligible purchases, or $140 spent on products bought directly from Air New Zealand 16.90% 1.99% p.a. for the first 6 months on any transferred balance...

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Alternatively, the AMEX free Air New Zealand credit card is a free-fee card offering $1 Airpoints per $100 spent. You will need to operate an Airpoints account however, and fly Air New Zealand annually to avoid an annual $30 fee.

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In fact, it used to be that only Air New Zealand would fly you direct from Auckland to LA using Airpoints through its rewards credit card, but now a new competitor has entered that market. From June 23, 2016 American Airlines will fly daily between Auckland and LA.

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Best Credit Cards From 0% interest offers and bonus points to $0 fees and extras, compare New Zealand credit cards side by side to find the right card for you.

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$19,650 (Air New Zealand) The New Zealand credit card offerings provide a very wide range of value options, depending upon what the card is best used for. AirPoints branded cards are most valuable for redemptions with Air New Zealand only, whilst American Express Membership Rewards cards work best with other airline partners.