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There is no limit to the rewards you can earn, even at the 1.5 membership reward points that the card comes with. There is no annual fee (for the first year), and there are a plethora of features that definitely give the card a maximized benefit. The American Express Rewards Maximizer Gold credit card is the first choice for a person that wants to get the most out of their credit card.

As a Maximizer credit card holder you maximize the rewards you can possibly earn. As stated above you actually get 1.5 points per dollar you spend. Those 1.5 points can be translated into 1.5 frequent flier miles (if you wish) or they can be used in a variety of other ways, including cash back and domestic/ international travel. Unlike other credit cards, the American Express Maximizer does not attempt to cut off the amount of points you can earn. There are no limits, no restrictions and your points will never expire.

The American Express Maximizer Gold credit card comes with an annual fee…but as a new card holder you get the entire first year free! There is no charge for your first year in order for you to realize the full benefits you can receive, with no possible risk. This free membership to the Maximizer is worth $192, none of it which you will pay. The waived annual fee let’s you use the card’s various benefits, such as low intro APR, online banking, low balance transfer rates, ECT without having any obligation.

Why choose the American Express Rewards Maximizer Gold credit card right now? Now is the best time to act because you won’t just get all of the benefits listed above, you will also receive a low balance transfer rate (6%) which will allow you to transfer the money you have tied up in another card. Don’t just settle paying high interest rates for life; transfer to a lower rate and save some money now.

The Maximizer Gold credit card by American Express truly is the card of choice for the maximum benefits.

American Express Rewards Maximizer Gold Credit Card

American Express Rewards Maximizer Gold Credit Card