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American Express is one of the mainstays in the credit card industry. It has been known worldwide as a financial institution that addresses the needs of big companies and small entrepreneurs alike. It also offers financial opportunities for individuals. One of its most notable programs is OPEN for small businesses.

The American Express OPEN program is a new financial network offered by American Express. It is specifically designed to cater to entrepreneurs who have small businesses. This program employs a business team that aims to find financial resources and other benefits that will definitely help small business owners in saving money and expanding their business opportunities.

American Express OPEN was created to support many business owners. The dedicated team of financers and creditors provides flexibility, purchasing power, control and various rewards for its customers. It helps small business customers to gain control over the products that they need, the tools that they use, and the services that they often utilize in their business processes. They provide convenient access to working capital matched with enhanced online account management capabilities.

In essence, you can avail of the prime offers of the OPEN program if you get Business Cards from American Express Small Business. In addition to that, you can also access the OPEN Savings program. This built-in feature allows the card holders to automatically save some of their money as rebates when making purchases with affiliated and participating companies.

The OPEN program is offered through a wide array of credit cards by the American Express Small Business system. These cards are designed differently in order to meet the various needs of entrepreneurs and business men when it comes to cash rebates, card benefits, airline mile rewards, travel rewards, and other privileges. For example, the OPEN program allows its card holders to save a lot on travel and hotel accommodation expenses with Delta and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.

Among the most notable business cards under the American OPEN Small Business program is the American Express SimplyCash Business card. Through this card, you can earn a 5% cash rebate on your various business expenses such as office supplies, wireless services, and gas expenses. As for the other expenses that you charge, you will get a full 1% cash rebate. These cash backs and rebates will automatically be deducted from your monthly installments and interest rates.

The American Express SimplyCash Business Card also provides you with flexible payment terms. You can pay in full every month, or you can also opt to carry your balance from one month to the next. Aside from the rebates and rewards, what's good about this card is the fact that you can easily track all of your business expenses through the use of the online account manager which has expenses reporting options.

American Express OPEN For Small Business

American Express OPEN For Small Business