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There is a large number of these cards offered and if you are a frequent traveler you should be taking advantage of them. Free air travel can greatly reduce your cost of a vacation and allow you to travel to destinations you would not normally consider. Air line miles can also be used for other travel related expenses, including hotel and car rentals.

Some of the cards offered will have restrictions and blackout dates. The black out dates usually occur during the highest traffic times. Holidays are almost always included as they are one of the high traffic times for airlines. Restrictions on destinations can also be listed with the black out dates. It is a matter of reading the fine print to see if there is an unusual number of restrictions. Blue Sky from American Express is one card that has no restrictions or black out dates.

Annual fees and APR are other factors to consider. There may not be an annual fee the first year but one is tacked on for your renewal. The APR can be fixed or variable. If you plan on carrying a balance with this get the best rate.

Most air line mile cards will have an expiration date. This means that the miles you earn must be used by a certain date. Read the fine print to see how long you have to use your miles. Your monthly statement will tally the total miles earned and usually tell you when they expire.

Many issuers will give you a great jump start on miles when you apply. In fact, Gold Delta Sky Miles Business Card offers a 10,000 mile introductory bonus. Most free tickets come around 25,000 miles. Do your shopping and see what offer fits your situation the best.

Another factor to check is the airline you can use. Cards issued by airlines will usually limit you to the use of that airline for your free miles. Airline cards issued by banks will allow you to use a wider variety of airlines or have no limit at all. Make the decision based on benefits that help you the most.

There are great rewards offered from several issuers. A modest amount of annual travel can get you a free trip for your vacation. Apply for the card that fits your needs the best.

Air Line Mileage Credit Cards – Get Great Rewards

Air Line Mileage Credit Cards - Get Great Rewards