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1. Wrong Expectations

Many watch a video, read a sales pitch in an email, or see some self proclaimed marketing guru on a late night television infomercial, telling them that in just a few short minutes, with just a 'few clicks of the mouse', for only 'a few dollars' they too can be on their way from 'rags to riches'. The heart starts pumping, the mind races with thoughts of fast cars and lavish vacations, and before they know it, their credit card is in hand and the promised "secret formula" is as good as theirs! But then what? It comes. It looks a lot like something they bought 6 months ago? They follow the directions but soon come to the realization, that there's a whole lot more to it than they originally thought. Now the thoughts of "finally I'll be making money from home" turn to "not this again, and what's my wife going to say?" The frustration sets in and theirs no one to call to get help. And that "Money Back Guarantee", how does that really work? Within a few days the excitement has turned to frustration and utter discouragement.

The problem: Wrong expectations. Starting, growing, and maintaining a successful Home Based Business of any kind never happens over night and seldom happens, at least to the degree promised, even in a few months. The saying "Good things come to those who wait" is applicable here, at least in part. If you work hard, stick with it, and follow a 'proven plan' (more on that in a minute), chances are you will be successful. Expecting to get rich over night only works in Vegas, and this author is in no way for that method either.

2. Wrong System or Strategy

There is definitely no shortage of 'Work From Home "business or" Get Rich Quick Secrets ". I'll have to admit, even some of the programs out there that make the most sensational claims of making you quick money work some of the time for some of the people. But the real success comes from taking the time to learn whatever system you choose to go with and then working hard at perfecting it. Learning it well enough to tweak it yourself, not having to rely on someone who isn ' t even there. Having the wrong system or business plan though is a no-win situation no matter how hard you work it.

3. No Support System

You can have all your ducks in a row, but if you have no one to turn to when you absolutely need help, forget it! You will fail. The simplest thing can stall your momentum, and the best way to keep things moving in the right direction is to have a knowledgeable resource, preferably someone you can actually talk to, as oppose to chat, tweet, or email. Some programs out there brag about 'live conference call' support. But who really wants to ask what they might deem a stupid question with thousands of people on the line listening? In this industry, what is really priceless, is having a mentor willing and available to take your call and answer your questions. This asset will launch your business to new heights in record time. And let's not forget the extreme importance of the support you'll need to succeed that comes from your 'significant other'! If you succeed at a Home Based Business without the support of your spouse, congratulations, you're the first ever! Utilize each others talents, bounce ideas around together, dream together, and soon enough you'll get to reap the rewards of hard work together.

Summing it all up: You need to maintain reasonable expectations. It most often takes longer than you're told to establish a successful Home Based Business. Don't be afraid to dream and have vision for your business, but balance that with a douse of reality every once in a while.

You need the right system. One that is moral and ethical in nature. Ask yourself this: "Do I want people I know to know what I'm doing or selling?" Is it something your proud to be a part of or promoting? Can you sleep at night? Or is the thought of selling 10 cases of vitamins to some poor old lady, just to meet the months quota, knowing she most likely won't even live long enough to take them all keeping you awake?

The 'Right System' should include the following at the least: Good product, good marketing plan that's not too difficult to understand, and of course, it must have a good support system (training, trouble-shooting, moral support). Wow. Could there really be something like that out there?

3 Reasons People Fail at a Home Based Business

3 Reasons People Fail at a Home Based Business