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Offers of 0% APR balance transfers are great deals for consumers seeking personal credit cards as well as for business owners looking for economical business cards. Learn about some of the advantages of low interest credit cards that offer a low APR, 0% intro APR as well as 0% APR balance transfers.

Business owners often incur large expenses while starting a business as well as with every day purchases and transactions. Having cards for these transactions is a necessity; Having a low APR card is smart business. Business cards have much higher credit limits than most personal cards so it's important that they pay low interest on these balances. Small business owners often have a difficult enough time making a profit today without a lot of their profit being eaten up by high interest charges. Business cards are now being offered with low interest as well as 0% introductory APR and 0% APR balance transfers. These offers give owners an opportunity to save a lot of money on interest they may be paying on other credit cards that do not offer a low APR. Because businesses can carry balances as high as $ 50,000 or more, a lot of money can go in interest if their card is not low interest.

Business cards offer many advantages to business owners. They may offer help in tracking monthly expenses and feature quarterly and annual profit / loss reports. Another advantage is making it easier to keep personal and business expenses separate. Individual cards for employees enable business owners to track individual expenses as well. In addition, they may offer airline miles rewards for your business travel.

These are all factors that make business credit cards a necessity for business owners. Cards that feature low interest are a necessity for owners because of the large balances that are often carried. When selecting offers featuring 0% intro APR or 0% APR balance transfers, it's important to determine three things. First, find out if it will feature low interest after the 0% introductory APR period expires. Second, find out how long the 0% intro APR period lasts. Third, find out all you can about the balance transfers in terms of the 0% introductory APR. Some offers feature the 0% intro APR on balance transfers but not purchases while others offer it on purchases only and still others offer it on both. Look for offers that offer you the most in terms of long term low interest.

0% APR Balance Transfer Business Credit Cards

0% APR Balance Transfer Business Credit Cards