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Are you a shopper who always shops for the convenience, or are you looking to build an income from one of the many shoppers loyalty programs springing up? In an attempt to pull customers back to local community high street stores, or to specific out-of-town supermarkets, most retailers realize that to win competition from on-line retailers, a loyalty program is essential to build a sustainable, profitable, and what is more important, a surviving business.

It must be said that if the thought of getting just a few pennies back on every shopping transaction is of no interest to you, even though this may mean pennies back from thousands or more of shoppers every day, as your network builds, then close this document NOW!

Just looking at the most easily recognized Loyalty Cards, Tesco's ClubCard, Sainsbury's Nectar Card, Morrisons Save and More, and the Boots Advantage Card, there are probably approaching 50 million users across the UK. Of these few, only the Nectar Card can be used across a whole range of different retailers, both in-store and online.

Tesco's ClubCard, and the universally accepted Nectar Card, will offer shoppers a regular cashback of around 1% on every transaction, but it is amazing how many shoppers either forget their loyalty cards, or can't be bothered to use them. (If you regularly forget your loyalty cards, or don't like bulging wallets, purses, or key-fobs stuffed with plastic, download the FREE STOCARD app for your Smart Phone).

And with countless millions of shopping transactions being carried on these Loyalty Cards both day and night across the UK alone, would it not be a brilliant idea if it were Your name and Your account number on say 100,000 or more Nectar Cards? With one Nectar Point worth around £ 0.005, if overnight just 100 Nectar users with your name on them spent £ 50 each, that would have increased the value of YOUR Nectar Points by some £ 25. Imagine what you could earn overnight in your dreams if a thousand shoppers spent £ 100 each in your name?

Pie in the Sky, or reality …

For most normal people, to get say 1% cashback on a £ 25 shopping trip (worth just 25 pence) they feel it is not worth the time of day, and they would not change their shopping habits to accommodate that. But the average shopper will spend something between £ 250 and £ 1,000 or more every month on their regular shopping, as well as the occasional larger outlays on say a great holiday, gifts, a new fitted kitchen, or even a new car.

If you are a person with a vision, you will immediately see a massive opportunity here to create not just financial independence for yourself, but if you start working with local small businesses in your area, you could help transforms your local community (your High Street for instance) into something of its former importance in providing a close-knit, caring society.

OK, so you are not really considering hacking into the Nectar web site, but the idea of ​​benefitting from a small loyalty reward from the turnover of thousands – if not tens of thousands – of shoppers, especially while you sleep, go on holiday, or even while you spend some of your time working on your favorite vocation, appeals to you, how on earth do you achieve this?

Action Plan.

The first thing you need to do, is do a search for a good Shopping Community opportunity. Not a cashback site – all they do is create an atmosphere where the shopper only thinks in terms of price – Loyalty is the last thing on their mind.

  • The Loyalty program has to be universally acceptable – not Store specific.
  • Monthly shopping can be as little as £ 50 per month to be successful.
  • It has to include many of the existing major retail outlets found in High Streets as opposed to out-of-town shopping malls. This has to include many of the popular restaurants and coffee shops.
  • It has to offer a combination of cashback and loyalty rewards – ie the more people you get involved with you the more you will benefit.
  • The compensation plan has to be simple for the shoppers, with no restrictions on how Members earn rewards.
  • Membership for shoppers has to be FREE, with no hidden costs like back-office costs, no restrictive products (Ie where you HAVE to get all your Utilities from this club), no monthly purchasing of discount vouchers against future rewards. Also, training meetings and on-line webinars have to be provided at no charge.
  • It has to have the ability to include local independent retail outlets within its network, and these small stores (unlike the Key Accounts) must have the ability to include their loyal customers in this network This will be of great benefit in strengthening the local community.
  • These small local enterprises must have the ability to build secondary incomes streams from the shopping habits of its loyal customers – even when they shop in competitor outlets.
  • It has to have the ability to drive new and existing customers to these key accounts, and the smaller stores, using social media as opposed to expensive direct marketing costs. This will alleviate the 'pay and pray' mentality of direct marketing. The retailer only pays a small commission on each sale. Most of this has to be paid out as member Benefits.

Be very careful in your choice of Shopping Community schemes. Pick one where both shoppers and networkers don't have to put their hands in their pockets for anything apart from their shopping.

Even University students (over the age of 18), joining one of these communities, when they graduate, instead of having to settle for what is available, can afford to wait until the vacation of their choice comes along.

Just remember, shopping for convenience will give you short-term gratification, but shopping for opportunity even though you may have to change your shopping habits slightly, can massively improve your quality of lifestyle.

Which One Are YOU – A Shopper of Convenience or Opportunity. One Takes and One Makes Your Money

Which One Are YOU - A Shopper of Convenience or Opportunity. One Takes and One Makes Your Money