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You sign up for 5-10 different MLM programs but you dont really understand them and which eventually leads to that you don't promote any of them. Do you recognize yourself?

This is a big problem with new MLM networkers today.

Before you start with Network marketing you have to ask yourself some questions.

* What is your goal?

* What type of program do you want to promote?

* How much money are you willing to invest?

You have to understand to be able to make money you have to invest some money

Some programs cost more then other but that doesn't say they are better

When its time to pick out a program that you want to work with. Don't rush into anything. Look around at different program to see which one fits you the best.

* What are they offering?

* Is it easy to understand?

* Would I join this program, if so why?

* What are the benefits for the members. Are they saving money, earning money etc etc

The most important question is. What are they offering. Is it a product, is it a service etc.
From my own experience i can say that programs that offer a good product is much easier to promote then programs that just offer a service.

I will take two examples.
Buildreferrals is a great program if you are already involved in MLM networking and you have a big contact list. Builreferrals is a advertising portal for your different companies.
Buildreferral will advertise your programs for you.
This program is probably not a program that you should join if you have never worked with MLM networking before.

* More complex

* Service for MLM networkers that understand the business

* Pretty high investment cost

A program that is perfect to start of with is My World Plus. And I will tell you why.

This program is:

* Simple

* Offers a great products that EVERYBODY should use

* Automated (The system is built so that members above you will always place new members below you)

* You will see result quickly

* You will both save and make money

* Very low investment

First of all lets talk about the products. What is My World Plus offering that is so good.
Well, when signing up you will receive a discount card. This discount card can be used in 200,000 stores world wide. You will also be able to download grocery coupons and earn cashback from purchases.

Ok, so here we have a product that will save people money all over the world.
If you think about it, who do not want to save $ 100 / month on purchases they already make today.

So this program is really easy to promote because their product is something that everybody needs.

Lets talk about the system. This system is automated and selfselling. As soon as you join this program you have locked in your position and everybody that signs up after you will be placed under you. So you will receive free members every day from me and all other My World Plus members all over the world.

Because of this system you will see results right away. You will be making money before you even log into your account. All members will help you.

To get back to the key point in this article.
You have to find program that you understand and that you can promote in a good way. You have to be able to explain to your potential members. Why should they join? What are my benefits? How do i save money? How do i make money? and so on.

If you don't understand the program you are promoting you will not be successful. That's why you should start with a program that is easy to understand.

Buildreferrals and My World Plus is just two program that exist today. There are a lot of programs out there. Some are good and some are really bad.

Find the one that you like and that offers a product that you would use yourself.
When you find a program and finally become a member. Then promote it and don't give up! !

If you have any questions or just want to talk about MLM network marketing feel free to mail me at any time.

Have a nice day

What MLM Program Should You Use

What MLM Program Should You Use