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If you are a new student you might want to know that there are many top credit cards for college students. There are even products for those who have no history of obtaining credit before. Some of them come with generous introductory offers.

The student market is big for a lot of providers. Therefore it may be beneficial for you to look around at the various deals on offer. The products you might want to consider are those with identity theft protection and no annual fee.

A Discover More Student Card is considered by some to be one of the better cards out there. It is currently available at some online portals with a 0 per cent introductory APR. This is part of a promotion, though there is no telling how long it will last. The deal give you 6 months at 0 per cent APR, during which time you can earn money back when you use it to buy things like gas, or if you use it in restaurants.

A Citi Forward Card is very highly regarded. As far as student cards go, it has a rewards system that awards 5 points for each dollar that is spent in book stores, movie theaters, video rental shops and restaurants. All other purchases are awarded 1 point for every dollar. As usual, the purchases can be redeemed for cash or for merchandise, as well as many other gifts. There is an introductory 0 per cent offer on purchases for 7 months.

The Citi Dividend Platinum is a special Visa card aimed at students. During the first 6 months this product offers the user 5 per cent cash back on items bought in supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores and even when you pay utility bills, including cable TV. The product also offers cash back on categories like apparel, hotels and restaurants. Like many of the other products it comes with an introductory 0 per cent rate for 7 months.

The important thing to remember when applying for a credit card is that they help establish your history. That is why a good many scholars prefer not to get a debit card, because these usually do not help your credit rating. Over time, your credit score will improve, which is important if you are thinking of applying for loans in the future.

One of the hardest things to do may well be searching all the offers to find the right one. The main thing to do when looking for a card is to compare the various offers and find the one which appeals to you most. If you do this you are almost certainly going to find one of the top credit cards for college students.

Top Credit Cards For College Students With Little Credit History

Top Credit Cards For College Students With Little Credit History