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There are millions of people in the UK who are unaware of a number of mobile phone internet offers, that help consumers save hundreds of pounds in mobile phone running costs.

There are a handful of internet mobile phone retailers who offer Cashback deals which allow you to receive a huge amount of your line rental returned to you in the form of cash. These deals work like any other pay monthly contract giving you a free mobile phone with inclusive minutes, texts and sometimes internet each month. You pay the monthly line rental fees as normal and throughout the year you claim your 'CashBack' from the retailer by sending them a copy of specific mobile phone bills. Easy. This is done in 4 stages throughout the year, so you'd be silly to forget to send in those 4 bills when told to. The companies offering such deals make the terms and conditions pretty clear for you to not mess it up.

So why would these companies give 'cashback'?
Retailers make their money by relying on the fact that many people will simply forget to send the specific bills to the company and thus claim their money back. As long as you're organized, you will not be one of them! So you just need to follow the instructions given by your retailer, and you will be refunded most of the line rental, thus saving you potentially hundreds of pounds each year.

Forget about paying £ 20 + per month for your mobile phone. Contracts can start from as little as £ 1 per month with such deals, including hundreds of minutes, texts and internet. We're in an era now where it's almost free to use mobile phones on contracts, so think about this when renewing yours next year!

People can save even more cash by purchasing a cashback contract, and rather than using the brand new handset that is delivered with it, selling it online or elsewhere for a nice profit, and using the SIM only. If you purchased a contract where you're paying overall around £ 3 per month, then overall you'll actually be making money as a result of selling the handset, with the bonus of minutes, texts and internet each month. How ridiculous is that?

Take a bit of time comparing the deals available, and don't bother ordering your contract directly from a network, as those big dogs are only "big" because they charge the most, and have done so for years. You'd expect their prices to drop, but you will have noticed that they've been sky high (if not, worse) for the past few years, as they take advantage of the advance in technology. compares all iPhone contracts in the UK, helping people make these huge savings, and also saving them time in finding a suitable contract.

The Rip-Off Network Contracts of Today – Grabbing A Mobile Phone Contract for Less

The Rip-Off Network Contracts of Today - Grabbing A Mobile Phone Contract for Less