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The LG KF900 Prada (also known as Prada II or Prada 2) is a gorgeous piece of electrical engineering and design. This chic phone is equipped with a full elegant 3 inch touch screen and slide out QWERTY keypad. In terms of design, the new KF900 is similar to its predecessor, the KE850 Prada. On the inside though, things are amazingly different. The LG KF900 has 3G, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, video calling capabilities and an Auto-Focus 5 megapixel camera. All of this extra technology has added an extra 45g to the KF900 now weighs 130g. It has a good mp3 player, FM radio, accelerometer and expandable memory, up to 8GB.

We also know that Mobile Phones with such technology can be a pain to charge every night or so. Incredibly this new version of LG Prada has a standby time of upto 400 Hours. That is not a day, or two days, or 3 days, in fact it's standby time is 5 days. It is fairly obvious that using the phone to its maximum potential will drain the battery a lot quicker and yes the phone will be in need of recharge well within the 5 days. However from the view point of the average mobile phone user, it still has a very long lasting battery life compared to its many rivals.

Considering LG KF900 Prada 2 dimensions; it is not the slimmest or smallest phone either. 16.5mm depth still seems to be very thick compared to other mobile phones with QUERTY keypads. Maybe the Prada 2 should have had the QUERTY keypad on the touchscreen only and not have a slide out one pretty much like the iPhone. In my opinion the LG KF900 Prada 2 is very long as well with its length measured at 104.5mm but I suppose this is something that can be thought of as "not a big deal". It seems to be designed for chicitas (girls / women) but that is only in a few persons' opinions. So the actual measured size when it is closed should not really be a big deal. The phone will usually be kept in a purse and we all know women's purses are fairly big (no offence to women is intended).

To finalise this mobile phone from LG Prada is a very good piece of technology and I don't think anyone can deny that it also looks spectacular. So if anyone feels they want to treat themselves to a late Christmas Present or want to buy a gift for someone special this New Year and hate the thought of cashback by redemption you can always buy an LG KF900 Prada 2 with Automatic Cashback from our website.

The New LG KF900 Prada 2

The New LG KF900 Prada 2