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The Discover Motiva Card is a unique card that promotes good credit management, by rewarding those who make payments on time. The card also has a cash back rewards programs for purchases made on the card.

The Discover Motiva Card Features

Introductory APR [6 months]: 3.9%

Ongoing APR: 10.99% and 18.99%

Introductory Balance Transfer APR [26 months]: 3.9%

Cash Advance APR: 22.99%

Cash Advance Fee: 3%

Annual Fee: $0

Grace Period: 25 Days

Late Fee: $19-$39

Over Limit Fee: $15-$39

Advantages of Getting A Discover Motiva Card

o $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee

o Flexible payment due dates

o Auto rental insurance of up to $25,000

o Travel insurance up to $500,000

o Unlimited cash rewards

o The rewards can be increased or even doubled by using gift cards at 80 Cashback bonus partners

o Rewards never expire as long as the card is active

o Free payment over the phone or online

o E-mail alerts and reminders

o Customer service available 24/7

o Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases: Two Cycles Average Daily Balance

The Discover Motiva Card holders are rewarded in two ways. The card holders are rewarded each time they make 6 on-time payments in a row, with the following month’s interest as cash back for making payments on time and customers can avail this twice a year. This means that, if the customers make payments on time throughout the year, they are rewarded with two months interest as cash back bonus.

The Discover Motiva Card holders are also rewarded with a cash back rewards program each time they use the card. They can either get cash rewards or they may accumulate rewards points, which can be redeemed for merchandises. Card members get a rebate of 0.25% for the initial $1,500 spent and for purchases within $1,500 and $3,000, they get a rebate of 0.50%. The card members can earn up to 1% unlimited cash back on all purchases after the first $3,000. The card holders can also earn a rebate of 0.25% for purchases made at select stores and clubs. They also get rebates ranging from 5% to 20% on purchases made online. The rewards are redeemed in increments of $20. The best part is that, the rewards do not expire as long as the card is active. Customers have to make payments on time, as the rewards may not apply when they default on the payments.

The Discover Motiva Card members get up to $500,000 as travel accident insurance as well as $25,000 as Auto insurance. An additional card can be secured free of charge. The customers can also avail of the fraud and security protection services.

This card is aimed at those, who wish to manage their finances carefully, while expecting to be rewarded adequately for using the card as well as for making payments on time each month. This when combined with the many benefits offered by Discover, such as fraud protection, free payments by phone/online, no annual fee, no fee for additional card; make it a very attractive option. Excellent customer service, getting up to 2 month’s interest as cash back and customized due dates, make the Discover Motiva Card a card worth securing.

The Features And Benefits Of The Discover Motiva Card

The Features And Benefits Of The Discover Motiva Card