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The credit card companies, after a year of paring their cardholder rosters down, (to cut off cold users with unhealthy spending habits), are back to looking for new customers now. They’re sending out twice as many direct mail offers this year as they did in the last; what is more, almost all of them are cards with reward programs – 5% cash back, twice as many airline miles as before, and so on. The best credit card offers don’t ask you to charge a certain amount your card each month to keep the rewards going; they don’t have an upper limit on how many points you can amass, and they may or may not charge an annual fee.

Let’s look at some of the best cards out there for customers who need different kinds of rewards.

A cash-back card is great for the shopper. If you are someone who uses their credit card regularly to buy stuff at the grocery store, pump gas or shop for clothing among other things, getting something like the American Express Blue Cash card makes a great deal of sense. When you get up to $6500 spent, you get 5% cash back on everything you’ve spent at a grocery store, a drugstore or a gas pump. What’s more, they don’t force you to pay an annual fee, and you could keep earning those reward points; there is no upper limit.

If you’re worried about saving for your retirement, the best credit card for you should be the Fidelity Retirement American Express card. Once you sign up, they give you 2% cashback on everything you charge to the card. But they don’t give you the cash right back to you to spend. Instead, they invest it for you in an IRA.

If you are someone who flies about a lot, there are lots of great cards for you that can make your life a lot easier. The American Express Premium or Rewards Gold charge card is one of them. You get 3 miles to each dollar you spend on the card. Your miles will never lose their validity either. Of course, this isn’t actually a credit card: it’s a charge card. That means you can’t roll your balance over each month.

For something with a Visa logo on it, check out the Capital First Visa Platinum Travel Rewards card. It’s something with a great 9.24% variable rate; and for every $22,000 you spend on the card, you get a free plane ticket worth about $300.

Of course, picking the best credit card out of many pre-made options can never be as much fun as getting one custom-built for you. Discover for instance has a card-builder tool. You give them your credit score, you tell them the kind of reward that interests you – 5% cashback, miles and so on, and you can pick from a choice of interest rates, and everything else. And along you go.

The Best Credit Card for Rewards

The Best Credit Card for Rewards