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Money is one of those things that is addictive, when you have a large amount of money, such as if you’ve got a bonus at work, or you’ve taken out a loan to consolidate your debts it’s very easy to get used to having it there. Then if for some reason it isn’t there any more, a lot of people are unable to accept a change in their lifestyle and often is afraid of letting their partner down. Here are a few of the tell tales signs that you, or your partner may have money worries.

1. You (or your loved one) stops opening bank statements, or you hide them, or destroy them before reading them.

2. You take money out the hole in the wall without first checking your balance. If the cash point won’t give you any money, you buy something pointless and get cashback.

3. You find yourself doing things to put of dealing with bills, even though you know deep down that you don’t have the money to pay them.

4. You start taking out money on a credit card, even though you know that it’s one of the most expensive ways to borrow money.

5. You start transferring balances around credit cards, or taking out another one and using it to pay the others.

Using the excuse to yourself that you’ll sort it out, or that things will get better will not help. You need to admit that there is a problem and make a concerted effort to put it right

Signs To Show You Have A Debt Problem

Signs To Show You Have A Debt Problem