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There's always something you have to spend money on isn't there, so why not try to get the best value for that money?

Your mortgage – Many of us have a variable rate mortgage and so haven't felt the benefit of Bank's base rate interest reductions because our lenders haven't passed on those cuts on to us. In which case, now would be a good time to consider switching your mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage; particularly given that most forecasters are warning that rates coud go up a lot more yet. Shop around and switch your mortgage to whoever is going to give you the best deal and the best incentives such as cashback.

Your food & groceries – The essentials we buy every week are now at their highest price for more than eighteen years. You can use sites such as to compare prices on everyday items so you can always find out which supermarket is cheapest for those items on any given day. You could also benefit from having a credit card issued by whoever you shop regularly with. For instance, Tesco Clubcard Credit card and Asda both offer all kinds of incentives and cashback options when you use the card to shop in store or online.

Your credit cards – Always take the time to swap your balances to a new card if the new provider offers 0% transfer interest rates. It's usually pretty easy to do and can save you hundreds every year. You can find out who offers the best rates at comparison sites such as

Your car – In a similar way to saving money on everyday food items, you can also shop around to see who has the cheapest fuel at sites such as You can check which of your local garages are offering the lowest priced fuel that day. You can also earn rewards from buying fuel with credit cards such as your Tesco card when you fill up at a Tesco forecourt. Also, consider using a car sharing scheme to cut down on use of your vehicle. Sites such as have directories showing car sharing pools in your region.

Your holiday – Getting a cheap break away doesn't have to be expensive, particularly given that you can tailor-make your holiday at home on the internet. There's no need to go via a travel agent so you can avoid paying them their cut. Again, as with most things, shopping around can save you hundreds of pounds and sites such as will search low cost flights and hotels for you. There's dozens of similar sites but you can also book each stage of your holiday yourself. Visit airlines own websites, book a flight from one of the super-cheap deals they have, then hunt around for accommodation to suit those dates.

Shop Around to Maximise Your Money

Shop Around to Maximise Your Money