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When I first set up my own money making site, I had been the victim, suffered the loss of cash and wanted to achieve 2 things. Firstly I wanted to make a site that actually worked, made money for others (obviously not objecting to earning a little myself) and would continue to do so. Secondly I craved to be part of something that actually makes investing online safer and easier for others either with my own program or on any HYIP / profit system.

In doing so I stumbled upon a unique area, money making services aimed at providing this safer, easier place, the proceeds of which fund my own members payouts.

During the process, investments are made in HYIP sites, if the program is legitimate and profits, it funds my member payouts, but my real problems have come since I decided to take this to another level. Obviously there are those programs that don't provide the goods, don't deliver or payout, scams. For many this is as frustrating and annoying as it is a loss of money, but for me it was an opportunity to fulfill another goal.

On encountering a scam HYIP, I immediately exposed it, making every effort to close the site and provided evidence to their merchant account provider which when verified usually leads to the closure or blocking of their account. It doesn't necessarily get anyone their cash back, but it does at least prevent further victims of that particular program.

You can trust no-one, and you would expect that the people at the center of each scam would expect sooner or later to be exposed. But my experience is that this is hitting them hard and they don't like it. So much so that my efforts have resulted in what appears to be a revenge attack on my site in an unusual way. They are sending abusive e-mails using my site's e-mail address!

While most logical people would recognize that a profit site is not going to send abusive mails as a marketing method, there are some who are genuinely offended. Now while trying to promote safety in the financial area, I am having to look after the safety of my own site's integrity. I will not be dissuaded or deterred in my efforts and will continue to use the same approach both in terms of scams and reporting these nuisance mails to the originators Isp. The one thing I have learned from this experience is that if it is resulting in this reaction, it is obviously hitting where it hurts, the scammers pocket.

HYIP Scam Artists Take Revenge on Those Who Expose!

HYIP Scam Artists Take Revenge on Those Who Expose!