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Cashback is becoming a very popular option for when we go shopping, especially for on-line shopping.

In fact, the number of people shopping on-line is growing year by year, because people like to pay less. And because on-line retailers have fewer overheads, they can deliver for less cost. That's a good saving they can send our way.

Now we all want a good bargain, so if we can purchase an item for less than the usual ticket price, we know we've done very well.

And if we can get even more cash back after we've bought the item, that's even better.

So how would we go about getting this money back from the retailer from whom we have bought our goods? Why would they want to give us some money back anyway? And who pays it to us? How do we start?

Let's take a look at how it works and how we can start to get some cashback.

There are a number of popular cashback web sites around, so it's best to do some research, check reviews, ask a few friends, and pick a reputable company with a good payout rate.

This is how the system works:

  1. You sign up with a cashback company. The process is normally straight forward.
  2. You search for a product or a retailer.
  3. You click on your chosen retailer's link to be taken to their web site.
  4. You make your purchase.
  5. The retailer pays the cashback company for referring you.
  6. The cashback company shares this money with you.

Simple, isn't it.

Different cashback companies work in different ways. Some pay you all their commission and charge you a fee each year. Others keep some of the commission for themselves, but don't charge anything.

That's worth bearing in mind. If you're a big spender, it may be worth paying the annual fee and receiving all of the cashback. If you're not, it may be worth taking a smaller amount of cashback with no fee.

Whichever method you choose, it's certainly worth the few minutes it would take to sign up to a good cashback company, and enjoy the money you wouldn't otherwise have had.

One morning you may receive an email telling you that the cashback company has deposited a nice sum of money into your account. A sum of money which had been growing slowly over the past few months whilst you were busily or leisurely shopping away!

How to Get Cash Back on Nearly Everything You Buy

How to Get Cash Back on Nearly Everything You Buy