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The Bing decision engine is the most-visible sign of competition between Microsoft and Google, but the two technology giants are competing in many ways besides their search engines. And online companies and users are benefiting from their rivalry.

According to a Wired magazine article, "Google vs. Microsoft: What you need to know," there are several ways Microsoft and Google are trying to take market share from each other. I'll discuss how some of those ways could be good for us who work in ecommerce and Internet marketing.

For instance, Google's online advertising services, through AdSense, have taken pay-per-click campaigns to a new level. This service allows many websites to post paid-search ads from Google and earn money when someone clicks on one of them. This allows these sites to translate visitors into revenue, and it also helps Google earn money on its advertising campaigns. Web marketers benefit from the added exposure, allowing them to reach more online users than ever before.

Microsoft is trying to get into this market with Bing cashback. It has yet to become profitable, like Google, in the arena of online advertising, but the additional competition could mean lower advertising rates and better service for Internet marketers. I discussed Bing at length in an eHarbor Blog entry, "Bing decision engine good for online marketing."

Although Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has already had plenty of competition from Mozilla Firefox, Google's new Chrome browser is sure to push them to innovate even more.

By the way, as I read this article, I noticed a glaring grammatical error that called out for me to comment on. Here's the sentence:

It is, however, not a death match – it's more of an fight to see who will be the King of Technology …

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Google-Microsoft Face-Off Good For Ecommerce

Google-Microsoft Face-Off Good For Ecommerce