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Discover Open Road Card

As a cardholder of Discovers Open Road card, you receive a 5% cash back each time you spend on gas or auto maintenance. Other purchases reward 1% in cash rebate. A 0% introductory APR applies on balance transfers and purchases for a 6 month period and purchases afterward are charged a 10.99% APR. Discover's online site offers cardholders up to 5-20% cashback on purchases. There is no annual fee, cash rewards are unlimited and do not expire. A good credit score is a necessary asset when applying for the Discover Open Road Card.

Chase BP Visa Card

Though great on making savings, Chase BP Visa Card rewards cash back to cardholders only when they make gas purchases from BP stations. This card offers a 10% cash back for gas purchases, 4% for flight tickers, restaurant expenses and 2% for other purchases. The introductory period offers a 0% APR on balance transfers. Cash rewards are cut in half after the first two billing cycles pass. Chase BP card has charges no annual fee.

Chase PerfectCard MasterCard

Chase's PerfectCard Master Card includes an effective reward program that helps cardholders retrieve substantial amounts expended on eligible purchases. The card offers an attractive 6% cash back rewards for gas purchases carried out within the first 90 days after which cash rewards go back 3%. All other purchases receive a 1% cash reward and are charged at 10.99% provided these purchases were made after the introductory APR period. There is no annual fee to worry about.

Gas Credit Cards For Personal Use

Gas Credit Cards For Personal Use