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Sure the average price per gallon is under $3 again, but that is little consolation to most drivers who know that we are either a man made or natural disaster away from seeing that number climb way above $4 and stay there.

Yet in the face of these tough times, many companies are doing everything they can to get customers to buy their fuel from them, from offers like $0.02 off per gallon to 5% cash back rewards. So we ask, can using gas credit cards save you in these tough economic times, the simple answer is yes, if they are used correctly?

What to look for:

-Discounts on gas purchases or cashback rewards.

-No application fees.

-No minimum purchase requirements.

Basically the card should cost you nothing to use as long as it’s paid off each month, while giving a discount on gas.

What to avoid:

-Make sure there are no annual or membership fees.

-Read the fine print, if there are any hidden fees, don’t sign up.

-Don’t use this card to buy other items. If you can’t pay cash for the gum, then you don’t need it.

You should be using this card only to purchase gas you otherwise would have bought with cash, and pay it off immediately. If you’re using credit to buy gas you’re paying way more than the price at the pump already.

Gas credit cards: can they save you money at the pump? The answer is: yes, a little, as long as they are paid off right away!

Gas Credit Cards – Can They Save You Money at the Pump?

Gas Credit Cards - Can They Save You Money at the Pump?