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The wrinkle cream companies can scream as loud as they want, but it won’t change the set-up they have in place once you slap down your credit card. This free wrinkle cream scam has gone on long enough, and it’s time someone went out and put their foot down as to how and why these companies do such preposterous things to get business from older people who are unsuspecting consumers.

Here are some scams pulled by wrinkle cream makers that you can identify with some good eyes when you see “free wrinkle cream” advertised.

1. Watch out for a box you have to check that sets you up for auto-rebills for future products. This is public scam number one and a common scam that takes place online with slick wrinkle cream makers. Be sure to scan the fine print if there is a box you have to check when you buy a wrinkle cream. If it says anything about future orders, “you must cancel” within a certain timeframe, etc, STAY AWAY. Even though you are responsible and will try to cancel within due time, they usually do NOT cooperate. I can’t speak for all companies, but read sites like Ripoff report and do a background check. It’s never easy getting a refund from anyone, and they usually make you jump through hula hoops to get your cash back. Try sending the product back, it’s not easy.

2. Watch out for jargon like “you get to use it for 10 days” and then a bunch of slick terms after that. That usually means nothing other than they will not bill you until a certain date. This happens all too often and again, they make it hard to return the product.

3. Watch for “buy one get one” where you have to give up your credit card information. Usually, like other scams, there is a catch. Read carefully and only provide your credit card information if there is NO further billing EVER. It is simply too difficult to get a refund in the chance that you decide you don’t like the trial offer.

On a refreshing note, there IS one company sending out a FREE wrinkle cream with no future billing EVER. Simply pay the shipping and handling and the product is free. Sure makes things easier in a tough economy when people are giving away stuff for free. I blog about this for a living so keep in tune with me and I will continue to keep you informed.

Free Wrinkle Cream Scams Exposed

Free Wrinkle Cream Scams Exposed