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If you find yourself reading this article then there's probably quite a high chance that you have made a purchase online, as now a days the amount of shopping done online is vastly increasing. I estimate that around 90 percent of the amount of people who shop online are completely unaware of the existence of cashback websites.

A cashback website is a site which you can use whenever you purchase something over the Internet. The website will contain links to thousands of online shops, and they will be able to track you as you make your purchase. They will then reward you with money for making your purchase, the amount which you receive would depend on the relationship that the cashback website has with the retailer; which depends on the percentage of commission you will earn.

Many individuals and websites earn money from sales commission. This is basically where you advertise a retailer or product on a website, usually by displaying an advertisement or a banner for that company. When someone clicks on to that banner, a cookie is created (something that tracks the individuals actions on the Internet), and if that person goes on to purchase an item, the website owner will earn a commission. Usually commission is around the 5 percent mark. Cashback websites work on exactly the same principle, except they give part or all of the commission earned back to the person who purchased the product in the first place.

Most cashback websites are completely free to join, as most of them don't give all the commission back to the user; they will have a certain margin set up which they will keep to themselves. However some cashback sites will charge the user to join up, and this fee is usually taken from that users earnings. The best cashback websites are free to join, and it's best to avoid the cashback sites that ask for a fee up front as they will probably never pay you any money.

The best cashback websites have just about every shop listed on their site, and if you can't find what you're looking for you can usually suggest an online shop and they will try and add them to their site. There are thousands of online retailers available on cashback sites, you can earn money when purchasing DVD's and music at Amazon, get cashback on your groceries at Asda or Tesco's, get money for joining online betting sites, the list doesn't end.

Usually the rate of cashback is around the% 5 mark, which means if you spend 100 pounds you will earn 5 pounds cashback. Obviously this isn't a huge amount, but if you are spending money buying the item then you might as well get it for as cheap as possible. Cashback isn't always paid as a percentage rate either; Sometimes you can get paid set amounts for doing certain tasks. For example, join an online betting site like Skybet and make a bet of 20 pounds – you will earn around 15-20 pounds cashback for doing so. This is a great amount, and nearly covers the cost of making your bet.

There are even ways to earn money without spending any at the cashback website. Join up to the certain listed websites and you can earn money for doing so. Usually the sites are free-dating websites, or other free-trial type websites. You can earn around a pound or so just for filling in the application form, without having to spend a penny. There are hundreds of these to apply for as well, so this is yet another reason to join a cashback website not that you need any more convincing!

Cashback websites are a must for any individual who ever purchases or makes transactions online. They are free to join, and can only ever save you money – so where's the risk? Find a free cashback website and join it today, you will be surprised how much money you can earn from doing so.

Earning Money Online Through Cashback Websites – Earn Money As You Shop Online

Earning Money Online Through Cashback Websites - Earn Money As You Shop Online