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The third book in the 'Young Bond' series by Charlie Higson has been released under the title of "Double or Die" on 4th January 2007. Charlie Higson is a renowned comedian and actor, who has also authored many novels in his career. In the 'Young Bond' series, he has already written three novels, the latest being "Double or Die". Young Bond series features Ian Fleming's immortal super spy James Bond in his school days. The series is set in 1930s with young James studying in Eton College.

Earlier Young Bond books have grabbed the number one popularity spots in children's literature boards and the same is expected out of " Double or Die ". Famous for their gripping action sequences, fast pace of the plot, suspense and thrill, Young Bond series is highly popular with the 'young adult' genre. The young portrayal of very popular James Bond has only increased the reach of the legend of James Bond and has sought to increase the brand equity of the most popular name in the world.

'Double or Die' can easily be termed as the grittiest of Young Bond novels till date. Not only the plot is suspense at its best, but the development of the Bond character makes it a very fine read indeed, for both children and adults.

'Double or Die' can be bought in bookstores around the world. However, copies of the novel are also available online with a various retailers. The best part of buying it online would be not only discounted prices, but it will also earn you handsome cashback and free goodies as well. The book can also be had in the form of an audio file for those who would like to 'hear' the account first hand.

James Bond is the ultimate spy not just in British Literature, but in the minds of its fans all over the globe as well. 'Young Bond' is just an extension of the myth and the awe behind the immortal spy. Grab your copy of 'Double or Die' to partake in this fabulous adventure, once again.

Double or Die – Young Bond Captures Hearts and Top Position on Bestsellers!

Double or Die - Young Bond Captures Hearts and Top Position on Bestsellers!