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Discover card is the primary product and a major credit card of Discover Financial Services. It has a large customer base nationwide and has cardholders in excess of 50 million and more than 4 million merchant locations including cash access locations. Through Discover card account center you can access your account via the Internet 24 x 7 and manage your finances.


The Internet offers you a secure online access to the account centre for checking your account, among other transactions. You can make online bill payments, get your account summary, get statements for the last 1 year, request for balance transfer, have your address, telephone numbers, and email address changed, add an authorized user, and many more other transactions. 


You need to register yourself for accessing the account center. It is easy. All you need to do is access their website and follow the instructions for getting yourself registered.


Discover Card – Its History


Discover card was first issued in 1985 by Sears through its brokerage arm, the Dean Witter Reynolds Organization, and was named the Sears Financial Network. It quickly gained popularity and tried to rival the then giants – MasterCard and VISA. Discover card charged no yearly fee. This was against the common rule of the time as all credit card companies charged annual fee. It also offered higher credit limit than its competitors.


Discover also offerd to its cardholders a CashBack Bonus as much as 5% on office supplies, 2% on gas and 1% on other purchases. The U.S. Customs Service accepted payment of customs duty through Discover cards. It was a remarkable achievement as it was the only card so accepted by the Customs Service.


Discover card, however, is not accepted extensively outside the United States though its cardholders can access ATMs worldwide. In early 2008, Discover Financial Services acquired Diners Club network from Citigroup for $165 million. The two networks – Discover and Diners – combined to form an International network of Discover and Diner Club cards. Diners Club card, though, will still be issued by the licensees of Diners Club International, which includes the Citibank. Discover Bank has not purchased the Diners Cards issuing licensees but only the Diners Club network.


The Discover card account center carries the highest standard for encryption for Internet security. This is the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)encryption and it is practically impossible for anyone to access your account information. There are times when the account center is not accessible to its cardholders online. This is when scheduled maintenance is performed every Sunday; from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Eastern Time.


There is an account center for Discover merchants also. Known as the Discover Merchants Accounts Center, it allows its merchants to access their accounts directly through online means. The advantage of this particular account center is that the merchants now have a 24 x 7 access to their account status and do not have to wait for their monthly statements to arrive through mail.


Through the account center Discover has provided convenience to their cardholders.

Discover Card Account Center

Discover Card Account Center