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Let’s take a look at several cash back reward credit cards.

One of the highest rated by a consumer services firm is an American Express cash back reward credit card. Designed for those with at least good, but preferably excellent credit, the cash back reward on these credit cards is exceptional.

Through this card’s rebate program, the cardholder will earn a varying cash award, depending on how much is spent in the past year. Purchases that are considered every day buys, such as at gas stations, grocery stores and

pharmacies, earn five percent back. Other purchases earn the cardholder one and one half percent rebate. The limit on the cash back reward for this particular credit card is $50,000 each year.

Common benefits of its other credit cards are included in this cash back reward program. These include a buyer’s assurance plan, a plan for purchase protection and travel accident insurance up to $100,000.

These cash back reward credit cards have no annual fee, with a six month zero percent introductory rate, not only for balance transfers but for all purchases with the credit cards as well. As long as the initial loan whose balance is

transferred remains unpaid the interest rate paid on its balance after the introductory period has run out is a low 4.99 percent.

The rate on purchases subsequent to the introductory period on this cash back reward credit card is 12.74 percent at this writing, although it is variable. While you can get a cash advance with this credit card, the rate on that

transaction is a hefty 22.74 percent. The payment grace period is 20 days.

Another of the excellent cash back reward credit cards is a Visa. This offer is for those who have very good credit. With this cash back reward credit card the cardholder earns a point for each dollar used for a purchase. The first purchase

using the card gives the cardholder 1000 bonus points. The accrual of 2500 points with this cash back reward credit card means a $25 gift certificate or check from the cardholders choice of retailer or merchant. With this card you can earn up to 60,000 points for the year.

This card’s zero percent introductory interest rate lasts for one year, on both balance transfers and purchases. The card has no annual fee. One of the things that make this one of the best cash back reward credit cards its additional

benefits such as insurance on auto rentals, its extended purchase warranties, and its travel accident insurance coverage of up to $500,000.

Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

Cash Back Reward Credit Cards