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ClickBank had been growing a lot in the last few years and there are still some people which don't really comprehend the system and a few of them even assume that it is a rip off company that is in the business of misleading buyers. I have a lot of experience with them doing affiliate marketing. I desire to explain what the company is and where the scam label stems from.

The purpose of Click-bank is to supply all the online tools for vendors to promote and market their digital products. In addition, also grant all the processing needed to sell a merchandise. Thanks to ClickBank thousand of vendors can promote their products and avoid affiliate marketing scams.

They are one of the fastest growing net companies of the planet. In such short period of time they have managed to sell more than a thousand products a day.

The Visionaries that created Click bank, had in mind to grant the most advanced and easy to utilize informational product distribution system in the internet.

It is information that the company sales are well over 280 million a year and increasing.

Because 2005 the company revenue had ranked 54th and above in the Top Internet retailers of the net. They revenue have grown more than 50% from 2004 to 2010.

They process all the transactions. Customer's privacy and purchased protection is at the highest rate at ClickBank. It is important as none of the merchants and anybody else will be able to acquire that data. Doing that proper is at their core values. Even tough they are not official abuse claims on file against the company from where are those ClickBank scam names coming from?

That is the challenge proper there: misleading products sold through them are causing mad customers who then label ClickBank a scam.

The answer is very clear. If nothing harmful or fraudulent had been done, then you can say that there is no ClickBank marketplace scam. It isn't their fault. Probably a misinterpretation or not even trying to communicate with the company to request their cash back if they were unhappy with the product. The policies that these companies are of the highest standards, and in the case some one complain about a vendor or a merchandise the company will run a complete investigation. And if any fraud had been taken place, that vendor will be ban forever from Click-bank.

Some individuals are not well-informed that they are fully protected as customers. Every single merchandise At Click-bank has a categorical 60 days capital-back guaranty. Everyone that wants to sell products through the company has to honor this policy. Even though some sites don't advertise it like they should have, the policy always applies to protect the consumers and deter the unscrupulous merchants of fraud.

Can You Trust ClickBank?

Can You Trust ClickBank?