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Sell ​​Your Expertise

Many people have acquired expertise in a specialist field during the course of their career. Fiverr gives you the opportunity of offering your services in exchange for an agreed payment. The lowest fee you can charge is $ 5, but you can agree higher charges with the customer if the work is more extensive. I have had a lot of graphics designed in this way and have always been happy with the results. You build credibility with a rating system which ensures high standards are maintained. is the place to go.

Recently Google have launched a similar kind of service as Fiverr, except Google have opted for the service being delivered on video rather than text. Take a look at,

House Sitting

Second homes require regular upkeep and if left empty can be at risk of burglary … so the owners may opt for having a house sitter. Perhaps you are considering buying a property overseas … why not house sit first to see whether you like the area. Or perhaps you enjoy a particular area of ​​your own country which is some distance from your home, then why not arrange a house sit in your chosen location and enjoy the area just for the cost of the petrol. Take a look at and see what you can find.

Online Selling and Car Boots

Every home has unwanted items stored away … in fact a recent survey reckoned that on average a household has £ 450 up in the roof … out of sight out of mind. But one man's rubbish is another's treasure so you will almost always find a buyer at a car boot or online. May be you don't like paying eBay's fees, then you can always try sites like or although they are not as secure as eBay. You will also have to arrange payment and delivery.

Dog Walking

Every dog ​​owner should ensure that their pet is taken for walk each day. As many owners are out at work all day, they have to employ someone to walk their dogs for them. There are a couple ways you could drum up business … put a small ad in a sop or post office window offering your services or approach local dog walking businesses to see whether they want an additional dog walker.

Mystery Shopper or Diner

Maybe you like a bit of retail therapy but you can't afford to splash out at the moment, then why not earn some cash as a mystery shopper or diner. You drop into shops and restaurants unannounced and rate their services. After sending in your feedback you will be reimbursed for your time and any purchases you made. Here are a couple sites to get you started and

Online Surveys

If you're on the computer a lot and you like answering questions, online surveys can be a good way of making a bit of pocket money. Don't think that you will make a fortune! The most you are likely to receive for a survey is £ 5 a go … however some don't pay cash but reward you with points which can be redeemed for prizes. Beware of bogus surveys … they can be just wheedling sensitive information from you or even your bank details. It is wise to set up a separate Gmail account as you may be bombarded with emails. Here is a site to get you started …

Take a Lodger

Whilst our homes cost a small fortune to maintain, it is possible to claw back some of that expense but taking in a lodger. The Government has launched a 'rent a room' scheme, which allows you to take £ 4,250 in rent, or £ 354 per month, before you are liable for tax. One small room could earn you £ 320 a month in the provinces and much more in London.

House Viewings and Auctions

As Spring approaches and the housing market becomes more buoyant, estate agents are looking for responsible people to show potential clients around properties which they have for sale. In addition they may have properties which are being auctioned. Generally they are open for viewing on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon and the agent needs someone to record contact details and maintain security. So why not go down to the estate agent and introduce yourself?

Rent Out A Parking Space

Do you have a free parking space or empty garage and live close to a railway station, sports stadium or close to a city center … if the answer is yes, then you are sitting on a proverbial goldmine. enables you to advertise your space free of charge, so that frustrated drivers can get in touch.


Cashback is a payment you receive simply by using certain credit cards, websites and bank accounts. The amount dropping into your account will vary, but can be as much as 8% of the cost of your purchase … not bad considering you were going to make the purchase anyway. So where does this 'free' money come from? On accepting a credit card payment a retailer is charged a fee … likewise when a price comparison site introduces you to a shop it receives a payment. Your cashback comes from this pool of money. If you don't claim it the companies will. You need to open an account with one of the 'gobetween' firms and then, when you want to purchase something, visit their website rather than the retailer. The top two companies are and

Boost Your Retirement Income

Boost Your Retirement Income