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So what is eBay Bing Cashback? This is a program that lets buyers receive a percentage of the selling price back from the items you purchased on eBay. Sometimes, you can get Cashback quickly. Other times, you have to wait for 60 days for the funds to get into your PayPal account.

Using the Buy-It-Now feature, Bing Cashback program enables you to get your cash back from your eBay products you have purchased. Your rates can go from 8% up to 35%. These percentages are not uniformed tough. However, you can avail the advantages of this eBay program if you know how to use it. In this article, I will present the guide that enables you to earn 35% from Bing Cashback on eBay.

Getting started

First, you need to have an active eBay account which enables you to buy products online. You also need to register and have a Bing Cashback account. For money transfer, you need to have your PayPal account to initiate the payment on the program. You need to link your Bing Cashbank account to your PayPal account so transfers could be done smoothly. Likewise, your PayPal account can be a tool for you to purchase products on eBay.

Start Getting Bing Cashback on eBay

First, look out on eBay Buy It Now listings for the products you want to buy. After that, you can go to http: and type Buy It Now on the search area. At the top of the page, you will notice sponsored links being listed. Click on eBay link that has dollar symbol next to the "Bing Cashback" check. This link should take you to eBay. You are given for an hour to make your purchase on eBay Cashback.

Second phase of the process is to go back to eBay Buy It Now items and refresh the page. You should see Microsoft Cashback logo on top of a dollar sign that states how much eBay Bing Cashback you will get. You can then purchase this item. Remember to pay with your PayPal account. After a few minutes, you will receive an email from eBay that tells you about the transaction. From this email, you will know that you have qualified for the eBay Bing Cashback program. An instant Cashback should send you money within a few minutes otherwise you can take the money out of your PayPal account, 60 days after.

Now that you have been guided in utilizing the eBay Bing Cashback program, it is time for you to avail this opportunity NOW!

Best Guide to Earn 35% Bing Cashback on eBay

Best Guide to Earn 35% Bing Cashback on eBay