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If you are student-young or old, full-or part-time, at home or in another state-the last thing you need added to your educational efforts are financial worries and credit card problems. Today there are any number of special "student credit cards" whose arrays of benefits are intended to simplify your budgeting and payments, as well as assist you in establishing a good credit record. As with many consumer-level credit cards, there are introductory rates and balance transfer options that make starting up easy and relatively painless. If you handle everything well while you are in school, you can look forward to graduating with a good credit record. This makes it much easier to get a car loan with a good interest rate, and be approved for mortgages later on. However, a main selling point for the best student credit cards is the range of services, the convenience and the valuable rewards that the lenders offer to you while you're still in school.

Student credit cards offer real flexibility

Some of the first student-specific credit offers were a little light on benefits. The Discover Student Clear Card is a true heavyweight offering, with zero interest for 6 months, no annual fee, a 5% cashback bonus on certain purchases and a 1% bonus on all card purchases. In addition, redeeming your points with certain select corporate "partners" gets you double value.

You can qualify for the Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard just by being enrolled at an accredited four-year college or university. The zero interest introductory rate is good for 6 months on all purchases and balance transfers, and you also earn Universal reward points with every purchase. These points are then redeemed for free CDs, DVDs, movie tickets and more. Having no annual fee, and a 20-day grace period for payments, are just additional reasons to consider the Universal card for students.

Student cards that grow with you

One student-oriented card that can grow with your changing needs is the Citi Platinum Select Card for College Students. There is the usual zero interest introductory period on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances (6 months) as well as Citi's renowned identity theft protection. With no minimum income or co-signer required, no annual fee and free online account management (with expert assistance), this is a card that can serve you well right away, while allowing you to build a credit history for later.

The Citi offer does not include a balance transfer option, inasmuch as it is geared toward first-time cardholders. However, it and other card like it are a good way to start a credit history, and can grow with you as you finish school and start working and building a family. With so many different offerings being right for so many different students, it is impossible to say which credit cards are the best for any one student or group of students. However, since you are already in the habit of studying, just get the facts together and review them. You will make a winning decision in no time.

Best Credit Cards For Students

Best Credit Cards For Students