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The internet has ushered in a period that has the credit card industry fiercely competitive now. Card companies are fighting to not only gain new customers but also trying to maintain their existing customer base. This high demand market has caused the consumers to be put in a very strong position. As these companies are trying to entice anyone possible to apply for their credit card, the offers keep getting better.

Some of the offers that can be had are waived annual fees. Card companies are also offering different reward programs. Rewards can be airline miles, shopping points, free gas promotions, mileage points, cash back and several others. One great promotion is the ATT Universal Credit Card that has 0% APR on balance transfers.

Before you start applying for cards you should research your options closely. By matching the reward offers to your lifestyle you will reap the greatest benefits possible.
In the past this was a tedious task that involved speaking with many banks to compile a list. The internet has completely changed that. You can now do research in one evening at home that would possibly be taken weeks before.

When doing your comparisons be sure you are comparing apples to apples. You can find comparison sites that have already been filled in for you that will allow you to see the benefits of Credit cards at a glance. You should not only use one site for this comparison, but instead get an average rating from several sites.

ATT Universal Credit Card

ATT Universal Credit Card