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Highly priced or not, the need for gasoline never ceased. Each day, gasoline stations continuously serve customers needing a fill of gasoline for their vehicles. This may be the precise reason why banks and other financial institutions that offer credit cards decided on having cards that would offer consumers the chance to save on gasoline or get rebates from purchases made using their credit cards. It would be very attractive for their clients to get something out of purchases that they would have to make anyway, like buying gasoline.

The credit cards out there in the market today seem to offer the same features. However, if you will look extra closer and carefully scrutinize the fine prints, you will notice the big difference each one has over the other. To those whose interest is to get the best benefit from their gasoline purchases since it is something they always do, the wise thing to do is apply for a gas card that has the best features over the other the other gas cards.

A lot of people apply for a gas card because they get cash rebates of about 3% to 5% from their gasoline purchases. This would turn to an ample amount especially for those who are frequent gasoline users. Some may collect these rebate, accumulate them and once it reaches, say about $50, may get a check from the issuing company. For those who are interested to apply for a gasoline card, you may choose from the gasoline cards enumerated hereunder which are rated by some websites to be the best in terms of gas benefits.

First in line is the Discover Platinum Gas Card which offers a 0% introductory APR, a full 5% cash rebates on auto maintenance purchases such as oil change, car wash, etc. and a 1% cashback bonus on other purchases. Another great gas card is the Blue Cash American Express which offers a 5% cash back at all gasoline stations among other features, and the CitiDiamond Preferred Rewards Card that offer 5 rewards points for a dollar spend on purchases made at any gasoline station.

Other gasoline cards that are considered to be the best in the market today are Walmart credit card which gives 3 cents per gallon of gasoline purchased, the Shell Master Card which gives 5% rebate on gasoline purchases at Shell stations only, the Hess credit card which gives 5% rebate on Hess gas purchased, Speedway Super America card which gives 10,000 bonus points after the first use, the Citibank Driver’s Edge credit card which rewards for mileage, the Wawa Gas Visa card which gives the cardholder savings on all supermarket and gasoline purchases and a lot more of other cards that offer attractive features when it comes to gasoline purchases.

Once you’ve made your choice, the next thing to do is simply click on the gas credit card of your choice and the screen will come out with an interactive form that you need to fill up. Once filled up, simply submit the online form and wait for the approval that will most likely to come up within the next two weeks. Those with good credit standing need not worry of not being issued a card. Those with a bad credit history however may not be assured of approval. Some may settle for a higher interest rate if their credit rating is bad. You would just need to weigh out which would give you the better deal.

Apply For a Gas Card and Start Collecting Rebates Immediately

Apply For a Gas Card and Start Collecting Rebates Immediately