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ZamZuu is perfect for people who like to shop online, make savings, earn cash back and build a business at the same time.

This particular business has been around for a while but under the name of shopYTB, they have changed their image and also reduced the cost of getting involved with the business opportunity. When you get a website from ZamZuu you will basically have your own online shopping portal. You can use it to get exclusive special offers, discounts and make purchases for which you will receive cashback on many transactions. ZamZuu have affiliations with more than seven hundred brand name stores. The Limited, GAP, Old Navy, Kohl’s etc…you get the picture. ZamZuu will appeal to many online shoppers I’m sure.

When people buy online through your portal you will actually earn a commission payment for goods purchased, which is always a bonus. As this is a network marketing style business arrangement then you can also recruit others into the program and they can go on to recruit others. This will of course be building you a downline and potentially a very nice residual income.

The cost to join has been reduced to approx $250, down from $500 when it was shopYTB, there is also a monthly back office fee of $50. One thing to note is that even though the company rebranded and dropped the signup fee, they didn’t reduce the compensation plan payouts. When sales are made through your system you are going to earn around 50% commission of what ZamZuu earn from the transaction.

If you make it to the higher levels within the compensation plan then there are other bonuses available. There is also the matching bonus and the power bonus to take into account.

I went to the company’s main website and was surprised to find pretty much nothing apart from a video. Goodness knows why there is only a 10 minute video on their main corporate site. If you want to sign up then your only option is to hunt down an existing distributor and make an application.

Is ZamZuu a legitimate outfit?

If you really want to be sure about a company then it’s always worth checking them out on the Better Business Bureau. I checked out ZamZuu and they show up as YTB International. BBB gives the company a rating of ‘F’ which is pretty low actually. The reason for this seems to be the 98 complaints that have been made over the last 3 years or so.. It looks like all the complaints have been resolved, mostly satisfactorily and relate to marketing activities when they were trading as YTB

If you are thinking if joining this company then it would be well worth you taking a look at the BBB register yourself so you are fully aware of the situation.

Personally I’m not in any way affiliated with ZamZuu and don’t have any plans to join. Anytime you are looking to join a company its always important that your values and that of the companies are in agreement.

Those involved in this company can make a success out of it providing they have the right tools available and know how to generate a large number of leads daily, which actually is pretty easy to do.

An Unbiased Look At ZamZuu

An Unbiased Look At ZamZuu