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Are you thinking of joining MyWorldPlus, but worrying about its legitimacy and success factors? Don’t worry, I hope I can help you shed all your doubts & questions about this opportunity with this exclusive MyWorldPlus review.

MyWorldPlus was launched on January 2007. It is a combination of 3 of the largest Savings Platforms in the World.

There are three aspects of this MyWorldPlus review.

Aspect No 1: The Discount Membership Card which can save you Huge Money every month on an equally Huge List of things (see below).

Aspect No 2: The Awesome Home Income Opportunity associated with it, which can earn you real fast cash every week as well as solid residual income every month (more on this).

Aspect No 2: The fabulous Marketing Tools provided by the company to help you build your own internet home based business (details below).

Review of Aspect No 1: Discount Membership Card


1. With MyWorldPlus Discount Membership Card you will get discount at 175,000 retail shops across the globe

2. PLUS you get upto 10% cashback through its online shopping platform at over 600 online stores

3. PLUS each month Grocery Coupons will just make you save more on each day-to-day grocery purchase.

4. The renowned Brands which you can get discount or cash-back for include Dell, Subway, McDonald’s, Papa Johns, Wyndham Hotels, Sony, Starbucks Coffee and many more.

5. In short, it is a product which can benefit everybody in every aspect of life.

It covers your daily needs with discounts on several grocery products using its Grocery Coupons as well as your luxurious needs with discounts on Shopping, Hotels, Movies, Restaurants and many more, not to mention your cash-back savings on 600 online stores.

6. Do you know of any other company which provides you with so much options to save money with just a meagre $19.95 per month membership fee only????

If yes, please please let me know 🙂

If no, think about it again, think about the possibilities of your savings per month with the exclusive MyWorldPlus Discount Membership Card.


The only disadvantage about this membership card is that all the benefits are not present outside US. I myself live in India and here MyWorldPlus gives discount on Hotel Bookings and Golf Club Fees only. But I receive cash-backs for shopping in all the 600 online stores nonetheless. Anyways, I sincerely hope that MyWorldPlus authority should definitely increase the discount benefits in my country as well.

Review of Aspect No 2: Home Based Business Opportunity


1. With all the benefits provided by the product, it is no wonder MyWorldPlus understandably sells itself far too easily. Because everybody likes to save money on anything whatsoever.

2. Morever, MyWorldPlus is perhaps the only company to pay you on a weekly basis – A Unique Feature.

3. You will get $25 fast cash for each referral that joins under you

PLUS $8 on every prospect that your 1st level member refers

PLUS $5 on every prospect that your 2nd level member refers

PLUS $3 on every prospect that your 3nd level member refers

AND all these amounts will be paid to you in the immediate next week (yes, next week only, not month) of your prospect’s joining.

4. Not only that, MyWorldPlus is one of the best residual income opportunities prevailing in the industry today.

5. It follows a unique system called Vertical Acceleration, wherein there is only one leg in the world. Whoever joins in this company after you, will be placed in your downline only, irrespective of whether that prospect is your referral or not.

6. This is an absolute truth. Members in your Upline will grow your downline even if you do not promote your MyWorldPlus business at all – No wonder why my downline grew from 0 to 728 paid members in just 2 months of my joining this program.

7. Thus you can earn residual income every month till 5 levels of your downline from the 1st month itself.

8. But once you have recruited 3 members, you will start getting residual income till infinite levels of your downline of paid members every month. Are you getting the importance of that?

Take note of the following 3 points very carefully and just instill these into your mind.

1. Your success doesn’t necessarily depend upon your direct referrals at all or any of your downline members for that matter – This itself has made MyWorldPlus so different and unique to earn residual income every month very easily.

2. Your job is to only recruit 3 active members in order to earn residual income till infinite levels of your downline of paid members each month. It is not necessary to teach those 3 members to duplicate your process.

3. You don’t have to take the pain to increase your downline, your downline will automatically grow each day due to the single leg vertical acceleration of MyWorldPlus, thus growing your earnings each month giving you a successful internet home based business.


May be $69.95, the first month cost of MyWorldPlus will look a bit pricey to some prospects, but it’s just for the first month only, after that the membership fee drops to only $19.95/month. If you look at the massive discount facilities PLUS such an easy residual income opportunity, you can judge it yourself, whether the $19.95/month membership fee of MyWorldPlus is worth or not.

Review of Aspect No 3: Marketing Tools

The marketing tools provided by MyWorldPlus are just awesome.

1. You will get a total of 7 different capture pages for free.

2. In addition to that there are 6 training calls each week teaching you how to promote your MyWorldPlus business.

3. Also there is a MyWorldPlus Movie which does 95% of your work if you share this with your prospects.

This movie attributes to my success very much. Just make your visitors watch this movie. I have had great success sharing this movie with others.

4. The followup system is fantastic once your prospect pre-enrolls through one of your capture pages listed above. All you have to do is to make your prospect pre-enroll into one of your MyWorldPlus capture pages for free. The system will then followup with them.

5. Your prospect will actually see how others who pre-enroll after him/her are placed in this downline only, increasing his/her downline in the process, which would just prompt him/her to take a MyWorldPlus membership. This is exactly how I was sold, thousands of others in the world have been sold. And exactly how your prospect too is bound to get sold.

That’s it. I hope I have given a clear picture of MyWorldPlus now with this review.

An Honest and Detailed MyWorldPlus Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

An Honest and Detailed MyWorldPlus Review - Advantages and Disadvantages