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American Express reward shopping has become popular in some quarters. What better combination to aspire to than the brand of American Express and the promise of free rewards for using their facilities! And American Express welcomes those that wish to spend using their card, and does so with handsome cashback and gift rewards.

This follows (or joins) a lengthy trend among credit card companies. Spend using their facilities and they will offer you a sweetener in the form of a cashback reward or further discount. American Express reward shopping has offered financial cashback and, traditionally and enticingly, air miles. Indeed, many people around the world have utilized the Air Mile program like some sort of elite badge of honor – as if they were part of an exclusive club.

And, in retrospect, perhaps they were, and still are. Because institutions looking to reap the benefits of your financial share, will work hard to provide you with an incentive to, not only spend more and more, but to do so using their card. They will welcome you in to the "luxury" world of cashback and other incentives with offers that couldn't otherwise be found.

Cashback rewards are not new. In the UK, credit institutions such as Barclaycard, Goldfish and Egg, have long offered something in return for your custom. Their seemingly already small margins have led, in some cases, to a reduction in their cashback reward scheme over time (Goldfish, for example, have cut their cashback rates by 50% and Barclaycard have abolished theirs altogether).

But American Express remain dominant worldwide in the cashback states, although their presences in the UK, for example, is somewhat limited. However, their scheme offers, not only cashback, but also other incentives including discounted air travel, hotel accommodation, car hire and ferry transfers.

The consumers do, of course, pay for all of these deals. Even American express reward shopping comes at a price – whether it is interest charges on the credit cards (for delayed or late payment) or the inflated buying patterns – perhaps cashback and reward-driven – of those using plastic instead of "hard cash".

Whatever the profile of the customer, companies know the appeal of cashback incentives and reward shopping and are only too quick to welcome us the world of membership rewards!

American Express Reward Shopping

American Express Reward Shopping