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One of the best things I loved about eBay in the beginning was the fact that I couldn’t lose. I couldn’t LOSE money, and after losing so much money on other systems and trainings online that’s supposed to teach you how to make money…

I kinda just fell in love with it. Here I was not losing money and that was fine enough.

When you dropship you don’t have to hold the item at home, you don’t have to buy it before you get paid, and you dictate your end price.

Which is why I’m so excited…

And, because of that excitement I decided to uncover my 7 secrets to making more profit dropshipping on eBay.

  1. Aim For The Top – Most people who dropship fear to go for it. They fear to list with a huge mark up. Yet remember, eBay has an offer option where people can place offers lower than your “Buy It Now” price. So go for the higher number and you’ll at worst get some low offers.
  2. Get Your Cash Back – Websites like Dubli allow you to buy from so many top websites and get cash back. So why not get an extra 7% on each order you purchase.
  3. Coupons Work Too – For years and years we have used coupons for an amount off of what were buying. Well guess what? They still exist. Website like coupon Mama give you the advantage you need to drop ship successfully.
  4. Undercut Your Way To The Top – Sometimes you don’t have to look for popular items that sell well. Instead you can just look for sellers and items on EBAY that are already selling well and lower the mark up and list for a smaller price.
  5. Redo Your Images – Here’s a top tip so take out a pen. When you list an item and upload a photo, make sure you use a photo scrambler first. Once the photo is scrambled… Rename the photo for the keywords you want to rank on eBay for. And in my experience you get to the top 10, sometimes 5 spots for that keyword (Your Welcome)
  6. The Success Is In The Keywords – As I eluded to earlier, the success is in the keywords. Use a keyword tool and look for phrases and words that will get your listings ranked that your competition doesn’t have.
  7. You Cannot Lose – Remember success in drop shipping is in the quantity you list. The more items you list the more profit you have the chance to receive. So list often you lose nothing but time if your item does not sell.

7 Surefire Ways To Make Dropshipping On eBay More Profitable

7 Surefire Ways To Make Dropshipping On eBay More Profitable