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Here are 5 reasons why I believe everyone should have at least one credit card with a rewards program:

1. If you are going to use a credit card anyway, you are losing money if you don’t use a cash back credit card.

Most of us use a credit card on a daily basis. It’s just easier. After all, who wants to carry around a huge wad of cash and worry about getting the right change back when you make a purchase? But convenience is not the only reason to use a credit card. A cash back card will allow you to save money on things you are going to buy anyway. So if you have the option to buy something at full price or get 5% off, which one are you going to choose? That is the equivalent of using a cash back rewards credit card for your purchases.

2. Get credit cards with the best rewards because you will save money on gas purchases.

Gas prices are going crazy these days. You never know from week to week how much it is going to cost, but with one of these cards at least you know you can save 5% each time you fill up your tank. That helps ease at least some of the pain at the pump. I never get gas at a station unless they have “pay at the pump”, and a credit card that will give me some money back in return will always be the one I pull out when it comes time to get some gas.

3. A rewards credit card will make it cheaper for groceries.

Yes, even buying groceries will be rewarded when you use the right card. With the average family spending around $200.00 per month on groceries, even that small percentage that you get back in cash will go a long way. Some cards even have a double cashback rewards program on groceries purchased in November and December. Many of these rewards cards give you rewards on all purchases by the way, not just gas and groceries.

4. Many credit cards with rewards have no annual fee and 0% APR.

Yes, it’s true. A card that will give you 5% back on gas and groceries and tons of other purchases can also offer a 0% APR for 12 months. I heavily encourage people to pay off their balances every month to keep that APR at it’s bottom rate, and this is a fantastic offer that will actually earn you more money than if you just used cash for the things you buy.

5. It is safer than using cash or a debit card.

When money is fraudulently taken out of your bank account through your debit card, it can be very difficult to get it back. So it is actually safer to use a credit card because even if it is stolen, one simple phone call and your card will be useless to the frustrated thief. And of course, it is much safer than carrying cash around. When cash gets stolen it is rarely ever retrieved.

A cash back rewards credit card is a great solution for anyone looking to get another credit card or to replace one currently being used.

5 Reasons to Get Credit Cards With the Best Rewards

5 Reasons to Get Credit Cards With the Best Rewards