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Welcome to Everyday Spender!

Convert your everyday spending into cash back. The idea seems basic enough, right? But where to begin? Here, my friend… our program has broken it down in simple words; equipping our readers with the steps and skills necessary to succeed. Read through the first chapters, and you’ll see for yourself. We explain the difference between cash and credit, then we explore the gap between them. Next, we have you evaluate your spending patterns. Yes, it starts by getting on the right track, right now.

This program is for people with good credit who agree to act responsibly in relation to that credit; beginners working towards earning their first bonus; to more-experienced handlers boasting over $1000 cash back per year… and everyone in between! The material dispensed here should always be considered with further analysis – so now, please proceed with caution to unlock your highest earning potential.

Lydia Bates, founder of

Hi, I’m Lydia, and welcome to Everyday Spender!

A funny thing happened on the way to the bank. One day I realized: No one, absolutely no one, was explaining the basics; how to start earning cash back on everyday purchases. There are many websites comparing credit cards* and announcing the spectacle of huge rewards… But where to begin?

That’s when I decided it was time to conduct some basic research, beyond my own personal experience. Friends and family were helpful with tips and advice, yet I craved more.

Then, by happenstance, I met someone who had the independent data I was looking for… we collaborated… & Everyday Spender was born! It begins with Foundation, continues with Implementation, and concludes with Redemption. There are 2 videos along the way.

The content throughout has been compiled from personal experience, various independent sources, & you – yes, you! We value your input. is independently owned & operated.

*Fair warning: many of these websites are sponsored by the banks who peddle the cards.

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